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  • Date: Jan 23, 2011
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BigCloud Archives is a Digital Preservation System for Home and Small Business, a file managing application. BigCloud is a straight-forward application that will help you manage your files. It can create monolithic archives from any number of smaller files. It also features a powerful search module and a tagging engine.

BigCloud lets you create Archives in which you can store any number of files. You can store all your files in one big archive, or create lots of archives with more specific groups of files. There are a few things to consider before you start building your archives:

1. An archive is associated with a folder on your computer - you can automatically sync that folder with the archive, otherwise it is still the "logical root" for files you import. So you might, for example, associate one archive with your "Pictures" directory and another with your "Documents" directory. By default your home directory is used as the root.

2. An archive is stored in another folder on your computer. You might want to store some archives on an external disk to protect you from failure of your main disk without keeping a separate backup, or to easily move between computers. You might want to store some other archives on your primary disk, for example so they are always with you on your laptop, and back them up to an external disk or to a Cloud.

3. An archive may or may not be encrypted - an encrypted archive requires a passphrase to access any files within it. So you might choose to store sensitive personal information, tax documents, business plans, etc. in encrypted archives to keep them as secure as possible. If you forget the passphrase for an archive, there is no way to recover the files within it - if there were, it wouldn't be so secure, would it?

4. An archive can be backed up to a Public Cloud, which makes it available to other BigCloud users who know (or can guess) the Cloud's name. In that case, you would only want to keep files in that archive that you have the desire and right to share with other people. You can also backup an Archive to a Shared Cloud where you can specify a limited set of other users who can access it.

5. An archive is backed up as a whole - one way you might think about that is to keep Music and Movie files in one archive on an external disk, or which you back up to storage on your local network, which is cheaper and faster than backing up to a Cloud. You might want to create a separate archive backed up to a private Cloud for work files that you want to keep in sync between PCs at home and work. You might also create a separate archive of family photos backed up to a Shared Cloud so you can share it with other members of your family.

BigCloud gives you a simple "Sync" command that downloads any changes from a backup that were added from another computer, uploads all your changes to the backup location, and also performs folder synchronization if you have enabled it for an archive.

BigCloud Features:
1. Automatically organize your files by type and date, with document summaries and previews of images and PDF files.
2. Search the full contents of your files, making it easier than ever to find what youre looking for.
3. Backup to and sync via local or network disks, or an online Cloud with a low-cost subscription
4. Optional AES encryption guarantees security of files on both your computer and the cloud

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this information management software.

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