Battle Just Started

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  • Version: 0.1.2
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  • Date: Jan 26, 2007
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    Arcade Games
Battle Just Started Download
Free Download Battle Just Started 0.1.2

Arcade tank battle in 3D. With multiplayer network support. Battle Just Started (BJS) is a funny arcade 3D multiplayer tank battle. It is fuly playable and very fun in multiplayer. Of course the single player is also possible. The game is running under Linux, Windows and hard core developers may make it running under MacOSX (means it is working but compilation process is not trivial).

The goal of the game is just to create a good time for players. There is no story. You just get tank and go shooting other player. Currently we are having 5 different tanks, 6 maps, 9 powerups and 4 weapons. The goal of the game is just to create a good time for players.

Installation for Windows
The installation is really easy. Just doubleclick the file Installer.msi and follow the instruction. You only select the installation directory and everything else will be done automatically. At the end there will be installed OpenAL runtime. Please follow instructions of that installer, too.

Game Rules
This game has deathmatch mode. That means all player are in the game and every one plays for himself only. The task is to have the best score at the end of map. The score is calculated as the number of other tanks that you kill minus count of your own suicides. Suicide is when you hit yourself or you press K key (default) to get killed yourself. When you fall down from the map it is not counted as suicide.

In the beginning of every map there is the phase where the score is not counted. The game is waiting while all players get ready. You let the game and others know you are ready by pressing F10 (default) key. You have also displayed message if the game is waiting for you or for the others.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this arcade game software.

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