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  • Version: 1.0.6
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  • Date: Sep 16, 2010
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Batch File Organizer Download
Free Download Batch File Organizer 1.0.6

Batch File Organizer or BFO in short is as it name suggest a file system organizer.It was design to help simplify the task of organizing batches of files. The batch file organizer is easy to use. And can turn large file organizing projects into a simple task.

1. File Selection box - This box contains selected files. All changes are made only with the files with in this box. To remove a file from this list, simply press 'C' to clear the box press 'R'. The box is automatically cleared when certain actions has been made. This avoids accidental movements such as accidental deletes or other removal.
2. Directory List box, this allows the user to switch between directories. In addition to normal navigation a user can also: Press 'N' to create a new folder in the active directory. press 'M' to move all files in the file selection box into the active directory. and press 'Insert' to copy all files in the file selection box into the active directory. Double Clicking a directory in the list makes the directory active.
3. File box, no major action are done in this box in an effort to avoid accidental actions. Instead double clicking a file places it in the File Selection Box where as Pressing Shift + Enter Places all files show in the file box into the File Selection box.
4. File Status - This shows the files, in the directory, it shows the attributes of the file, It also list the name of the active directory as well as it list the active file. (This would be the file highlighted in the file selection box). Please not the attribute are only shown on files highlighted in the File Box, not the File Selection Box.
5. End Button - Pressing this exits Batch File Organizer

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file management software.

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