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  • Date: Jun 06, 2006
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Bassment Download
Free Download Bassment 2.0

Bassment 2.0 is a 16 step monophonic bass sequencer machine. It consists of three main and four sub panels through which the sound modulation and sequencing is done. These are:- synth panel: it contains two oscillators (saw and pulse) and both oscs have their own modulation sources (LFO, amp and filter envelope generator, distortion etc.)- two pitch sequencer panels called in accordance with their destinations (saw/pulse oscillators)- the 3. main panel contains two other sequencers routed to filter cutoff.Each sequencers have the same (or almost the same) controllers. With them you can define- the starting and ending points- the direction - and the tempo of a sequence.You can alter the lenght of the steps and add distortion or 'slide effect' to any individual step.

The license of this software is Demo,

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