Bamboo File Sync and Backup

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  • Date: Mar 04, 2014
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Bamboo File Sync and Backup Download
Free Download Bamboo File Sync and Backup 3.5

Bamboo File Sync and Backup is designed to be the one simple tool for everyone who don't want to spend our precious time and effort to sync and backup files manually in every storage.

It is an intuitive file synchronization and backup software tool, which automates copy, deletion, and comparison of computer files and backups located in different storage devices like harddisks, flash memory, network drives, removables, etc.

It is designed to simplify and automate the tedious works modern computer users who consistently experience manual work of copying files back and forth among their personal and network storage devices.

Product Features:
* Synchronization: Comparing Add/Change/Delete since last execution between two locations. Add/Change/Delete propagation to/from both locations could be fine tuned.
* Brute copy: Consolidates files from two locations without considering any previous state.
* Multiple inclusive and exclusive Filters by file/folder names, size, modified data, and file attribute.
* Copy across network, different file systems, and removable storage devices.
* Group and sequence multiple copying actions for easy and controlled execution.
* Scheduled execution.
* Post execution actions like unplugging removable device and computer shutdown/suspension/hibernation.
* Detailed execution log and history.
* Multilingual (including Asian characters) file/folder name support.
* Intuitive user interface.

Benefit Highlights:
* Let Bamboo automates your routine manual file copying actions.
* Bamboo facilitates automatic, filter-based file selection for complicated copy actions, instead of manual file/folder picking using Windows Explorer.
* Better controls on large or complicated copy actions then Windows Explorer. Jobs can resume/restart from copy errors without having to start all over again.
* Backup as a mirror copies, not as un-viewable backup files.
* Schedule non-urgent copy actions to off-peak hours.
* Set once, use everyday. Avoid tedious manual selection, comparison, examination every time.
* One-click-manage all the file copies in all storages you have: desktops, notebooks, office, home, UMPCs, HTPCs, 2/1"/ 3/1" external harddrives, Flash drives, SD/CF cards, NASes, MP3 players.
* Avoid the slow Windows Vista Explorer file copy in your routine copy actions.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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