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  • Date: Jun 02, 2017
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Free Download BaKoMa TeX 11.35

BaKoMa TeX is a complete TeX/LaTeX implementation for Microsoft Windows, allows you to create animated presentations. It is a software that helps you design animated presentations.

It provides two coexisting user interfaces:
1. BaKoMa TeX Word - Visual (True WYSIWYG) LaTeX Editor.
It is useful for editing LaTeX 2e documents via WYSIWYG interface.
It looks as if you edit your document immediately in DVI Viewer window.
Running this tool requires at least 1 GHz computer (2 GHz recommended).

2. Centaur + Dview - classical TeX IDE (Text Editor + DVI Viewer).
It is useful for editing documents for LaTeX, Plain TeX, AmsTeX, etc.
You edit a document in text editor and click a key to format and view document.
Edit/view loop is powered by advanced features: DVI Reverse Search with an accuracy of a single character, Dynamical Preview, Document Outline.

BaKoMa TeX Features:
1. One touch key for TeX + Preview + customizable set of a postprocessors
2. Character precision jumping between Text and Preview (DVI Forward/Reverse Search)
3. Dynamical Preview allows the user to preview instantly selected region of the file being edited
4. Gather, Bookmarks and other tools for quick navigation through document structure
5. Powerful support for different input encodings
6. Graphics import assistant (including smart tool to import images from clipboard)
7. Project support
8. Assistance for multi-file documents: context sensitive opening of included text and graphics files,
9. Searching TeX errors using the TeX log file
10. Searching help for TeX commands in entire document collection
11. Syntax highlighting is configurable for catcodes and highlighting dictionaries
12. Customizable GUI Control Bar and menus for quick inserting Math Symbols and other commands
13. Syntax Completion and other tools for quick insertion of frequently used LaTeX constructions
14. Spell Checker: correction suggestions, on-the-spot highlighting of misspelled words, handling of (La)TeX commands, accenting commands, babel shortcuts
15. BibEdit - editor for BIB files is well integrated with another system components
16. Handles imported PostScript and other Vector formats via vectors
17. Handles in-line PostScript (PSTricks, PSFrag, AxoDraw, etc)
18. Compact Font Format (CFF) requires 2--3 times less space then other font forms
19. Supports PDF Encryption via pdfcrypt LaTeX package
20. Embeds ToUnicode CMAPs to support search and copy-paste of cyrillic and other international characters
21. Sharing Fonts between a PDF files is suitable for preparing CD-ROM based document libraries
22. It handles HyperTeX (HyperRef) and document outline
23. TeX processor supports TCX mechanism TCX tables are generated automatically after specifing two encoding vectors defined via PostScript
24. TeX processor embeds into the DVI file source information, that is used to support DVI Forward/Reverse search
25. DVIPS supports import of GZIPped graphics files and graphics import filters
26. DVIPS includes improved algorithm for partial font downloading that handle any PostScript Type 1 font (ATM compatibility isnt required), because font parsing is implemented via PostScript interpreter
27. DVIPS supports using fonts with large number ( > 256 ) of glyphs Generally, it means that mappings of single PostScript font to several TeX fonts with different encoding vectors is correctly handled by new DVIPS Standard DVIPS cant perform partial font downloading for such mappings
28. DVIPS supports using TrueType fonts
29. DVIPS supports using Multiple Master Type 1 fonts
30. TeX processor supports automatical creation of BB-files for non-PostScript graphics It is useful for LaTeX graphics bundle
31. TeX processor reads TeX files in binary mode, that takes following advantages: all types of line separators (DOS, UNIX, MAC) are supported all control characters (including of Ctrl-Z - DOS EOF) are accepted
32. It uses an interprocess cache that accelerates file search and reduces memory requirements
33. It supports auto-mirrors for TEXMF trees residing on slow storage devices (CD-ROM, NETWORK)

* 31 days trial period

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR 77, you can free download and get a free trial.

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