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BUMP3R Download
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BUMP3R creates backup from Audio-CDs in a single MP-3 file. BUMP3R can even store a complete Audio-Book in one single MP-3 file. From this MP-3 File you can restore any song and CD with the integrated export and recording feature. As an extra CD-Artwork can be added to the backup file.

A Wizard will guide you through all steps required to create, manage and use BUMP3R full-containing backups of Audio-CDs. Select BUMP3R Working Mode
Select the kind of task BUMP3R shall perform for you.

1. BUMP3R shall create a BUMP3R Archive File from an existing Audio-CD.
First you will be asked for the drive that conatins the Audio-CD you want to backup.
After that you need to select location and name of the archive file. Furthermore you can select the quality and size of the backup.
Last you can add images into the archive either from a scanner or from the file system.

2. BUMP3R shall extract tracks from the BUMP3R Archive either as MP-3 or as uncompressed WAVE-file.
Here you need to specify the BUMP3R Archive file and the tracks you want to retrieve. Furthermore you can select the location and the format BUMP3R will use for the extracted tracks.

.3 BUMP3R can restore an Audio-CD from a BUMP3R Archive File to a CD-Recorder.
After selecting the BUMP3R Archive file to restore you can export the images from that file to your harddisk before you select the CD-Recorder with a recordable CD to restore your Audio-CD.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this cd ripper software.

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