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  • Date: Aug 01, 2008
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What is a Browser Helper Object And what do Browser Helper Objects do In fact most of us have contacted with them unconsciously. A Browser Helper Object, or BHO, is just a small program that runs automatically every time we start our Internet browser. Usually, a BHO is installed on our system by another software program. For example, Go!Zilla, the downloading utility, installs a BHO created by Radiate(formerly Aureate Media); this BHO tracks which advertisements we see as we surf the Web. However, not all of them are useful for us. So a powerful and easy to use Browser Helper Objects manager is very important for us. If you are looking for such a Browser Helper Objects manager, BHOCaptor is just for you!

BHOCaptor lets us control the Internet Explorer Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) that are installed on our system. It makes it easy to see what BHOs are installed and to de-activate them. A BHO is a COM DLL that allows developers to customize and control Internet Explorer. When IE 4.0+ starts, it reads the registry to locate installed BHOs and then creates them. Created BHOs then have access to all the events and properties of that browsing session. The APIs for building BHOs are very cool but the potential for abuse is high. BHOs give developers almost complete control over Internet Explorer. However, because BHOs don't necessarily have a user interface its possible that there are BHOs running on our system that we don't know about. BHOCaptor puts us in control. BOHCaptor displays all BHOs and let's us deactivate them if desired. BHOCaptor is a strong and sometimes vitally important part of every user's security package. BHOCaptor gives us an opportunity to see which BHOs are active and, what is more important, to control them. This smart utility searches for all objects and, right after that, gives us a detailed list. We may easily choose different BHOs from his list and disable them in case we suppose these may harm our privacy or our system's stability. BHOCaptor is free software released under the GNU General Public license. The BHOCaptor.exe file is a standalone executable. No installation is necessary. Just move it somewhere on our system and run it.

Overall, BHOCaptor is a very nice, easy to use and full-functions Browser Helper Objects manager. The developer of this software wanted to ensure ease of use for the average home user with its simple, clean, great looking interface, but included features for even the most demanding, experienced users. It is an ideal solution for us who need to manage Browser Helper Objects.

In addition, BHOCaptor is free for us and it does not contain any adware or spyware and we can use it safely and undisturbed. It works with most recent variants of Windows and its current version is 0.5. With all these features, simple interface, excellent usability and free trial - why are you still reading Download the free trial now and experience what powerful and effective it is at once! If you feel this utility is helpful indeed, introduce it to your friends please!

BHOCaptor is a freeware program that will let you control the IE Browser Helper Objects that are installed on your computer. It makes it easy to see what BHO's are installed and to de-activate them.
Applications which install BHOs are becoming more and more popular because BHOs allow application developers to control Internet Explorer. For example Alexa uses a BHO to to monitor page navigation and show related page links. GetRight and Go!Zilla use BHO's to monitor and control file downloading. Flyswat, Quiver, Blink, iHarvest, etc use BHOs to extend and control Internet Explorer. BHO technology has allowed the development of some very powerful (and cool) applications.
BHOs don't require a user interface per se (though many also install Internet Explorer toolbars). Therefore, its possible that there are BHOs installed on your system that you don't know about. BHOCaptor makes it easy to see what BHOs are installed and allows you to deactivate those that misbehave.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this browser plug-ins software.

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