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Axure RP Pro is a rapid wireframing and prototyping tool used by professionals responsible for defining requirements and specifications for an application and designing the user interface and functionality. These professionals include user experience designers, business analysts, information architects, usability experts, and product managers.

Creating wireframes and prototypes in Axure RP Pro helps you design more efficiently, experience your design, present and engage stakeholders, automate specifications and design collaboratively with team members..

A flow diagram can be used to show a variety of processes including use cases, business processes, and page flows. They are frequently used in Axure RP to provide a higher level view of the tasks that can be accomplished through the pages in the design.

Flows are managed with pages in the Sitemap. To designate a page as a flow diagram, right-click on the page in the sitemap and select Diagram Type->Flow. This will change the icon in the sitemap in Axure RP as well as the prototype. It is not mandatory to designate a page as a flow diagram to create a flow diagram.

The flow widgets can be found in the Widgets pane by clicking on Flow in the Widgets pane toolbar.

A variety of shapes are available in the widgets pane to represent steps in a process. Shapes that are not available can be incorporated as images using the Image widget.

Some conventions exist for what each shape represents in a flow diagram, but Axure RP does not restrict the use of the shapes. In general, it is best to use them in a way that your audience will understand.

Similar to the wireframe widgets, flow widgets can be dragged and dropped from the Widgets pane to the Wireframe pane. Their styles and properties can be edited using the toolbar and context menu. The shape of a Flow Shape widget can be changed by right clicking and using the "Edit Flow Shape" submenu.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $589.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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