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AxProject Download
Free Download AxProject 2010 3.25 Build 992

Project planning software to power with fewer efforts. Project management tool AxProject is an innovative functionality enriched software. Staying simple to use, the program assumes the best practices and features available in software for project management.

AxProject gives assurance in total control over each moment of your project's progress. It is an optimal budget planning solution that also helps handle critical issues right in time. The project management software provides means to detect possible delays or overloading people. With AxProject, you will be able to respond and subject your project plan to task interruptions and any sort of unforeseen events throughout the actual project progress.

AxProject's interface is absolutely user-friendly and smooth. You won't feel out of shoes if you've ever worked with MS Project 2007, and this makes AxProject a great alternative to Microsoft Project. The interface is coupled with comprehensive project management tools, which makes the complexity of large projects easy to deal with.

AxProject Features:
1. Project Management & Evaluation
2. Task Management (Scheduling)
* Task Dependencies - In AxProject, you can specify 4 types of task dependencies.
* Tracking Task Completion - You can mark any task as complete or partially complete depending on its actual progress.
* Task Splitting (Contiguous and interruptible scheduling) - You can split some task with an idle time gap.
* Task Deadlines and Constraints- Apart from setting deadlines for specific tasks, you can set 8 types of task constraints.
* Summary TasksTotal costs and durations calculated for the entire summary task.
* Milestones - intermediary checkpoints to indicate that your project has got to a certain progress point.

3. Resource Management
* Three Resource Types. In AxProject, you can assign different types of resources to your project. These are work (personnel), material (equipment), and cost (money) resources.
* Assigning Resources to Tasks. You can assign as many resources and resource types to the task as you wish.
* Assignment Units
* Balancing Resource Workload with the help of a convenient and visual resource chart provided in AxProject that lets you instantly track your resources workload and reallocate excessive tasks (manual leveling).

4. Managing critical issues
Detecting critical tasks - Critical path method. You can either perform manual leveling or reassign the excessive task to another resource, all in one window (also known as a team planner).

5. Gantt Charts
These provide an interactive and visual view of your tasks, their durations and dependencies.

6. Calendars
A possibility to create your own customized calendars with account of a non-standard working schedule that you may have in your company.

7. Microsoft Project File Import
AxProject is totally compatible with Microsoft Project. You can easily import your *.mpp project files of 2003-2007 formats to AxProject and work with them.

8. Microsoft Project XML format file Export
You can export any project created with AxProject as a universal XML format file absolutely compatible with other project management software. This makes you highly flexible while providing you with possibilities to work with customers who use different project management software.

Additional Features
1. International Characters supported
2. Basic Project Statistics
3. Safety and Confidentiality - You can use a project encryption tool to password-protect your project so that only authorized persons could have access to it.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $129.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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