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Avrella Download
Free Download Avrella 1.08

Avrella music score editor for Windows, with the intention of enabling easy creation of scores along with editing and navigation.

Avrella Features:
1. Straightforward insert/delete/edit notation.
2. Drag notation / text into place.
3. Insert / edit lyrics on screen.
4. Guitar notation - chords symbols, bends, vibrato etc.
5. Tablature.
6. Support of user designed fonts for notation. - including user specific symbols.
7. Properties dialog - facilitating editing.
8. Playback
9. Import / Export MIDI files.

Overall score
1. Display up to 32 staffs
2. Set systems on global or individual basis between 1 and 9 measures per system. (example screenshot)
3. Specify measure numbers. Start of system only / all / font etc.
4. Header / staff separation adjustment.
5. Link chosen staffs on a global basis.
6. Specify own custom font for notation.
7. Fixed or proportional accent spacing.
8. Notate "two voices" on the same staff.
9. Composition details: Title, composer, copyright. Set positioning and font.
10. Header and footer details. Set positioning and font.
11. Set default mark width for specific line symbols.
12. Update staff properties via Framework Dialog

Individual measures:
1. Easy adjustment of widths
2. Sections, repeat dots etc.
3. Repeat previous bar symbol
4. Setting of Ottava over measure range, upper / lower / 8 / 8va / 8va bassa /15ma / 15 / generic; dash / solid line.
5. Specify individual linking of separate staffs.
6. Specify proportional or fixed accent spacing. (i.e. to override any global setting.)

Musical notation and supporting symbols, features, line draws etc.
1. Extensive notation set.
2. Ghost for notes and accents
3. Standard beams
4. Tuplets (Triplets etc.)
5. User defined (custom) notation
6. Comprehensive clef range
7. Standard plus custom key signature range.
8. Wide tempo symbol range.
9. Standard time signature range plus Common time and Alla Breve symbols.
10. Select text from dictionary of standard musical terms. (Italian / English / French / German)
11. Custom text (separate from lyrics) and styles.

1. Notation entry via computer keyboard or MIDI file import.
2. Notation and text undo / redo.
3. Properties dialogs for easy editing of notation.
4. Easy cut / copy / paste for notation, text and symbols via menu and (pull right) pop up menus.
5. Association of notation styles with individual notes - ornamentation, tab etc.
6. Note separation auto format facility.
7. Line symbols including brackets etc.
8. Set line width for line symbols via pull right menu.
9. Easy drag of notation, text and most other supporting symbols.
10. Drag beam tails to suit.
11. Set beam to auto format.
12. Pages: Insert / Delete / Clear.
13. Measures: Copy / Paste / Clear / Delete / Insert.
14. Page / Measure - note separation format commands.
15. Properties dialogs for easy editing of notation. for access to commonly used symbols.

1. Multi toolbar setting.
2. Status bar displaying Page, Measure, x ratio information.
3. Scale from Zoom 2 (33%) to 12 (200%). (Base zoom: 6 (100%))
4. Timed auto recover document backup facility.
5. Prior document version document backup facility.

1. Enter and edit lyrics easily and directly on screen.
2. Easy copy / cut / paste via pull right menu in edit mode.
3. Adjust Y (vertical) lyric offset between staffs.

1. Standard Next / Previous / First / Last Page navigation buttons.
2. Go to page dialog.
3. Go to measure number dialog.

1. Playback score through sound output device.
2. Specify playback from a specific measure number.
3. Pause and resume playback.
4. Specify channel for individual staff.
5. Specify named (General Midi) instrument or Generic (1 to 128) for individual staff.
6. Select mute for individual staff.
7. Midi import - specify note resolution, split keyboard track to 2 staffs, raise by an octave for guitar.
8. Midi export.
9. Volume: Set default volume; Set volume for a measure range; Set individual notation volume.

1. Tablature
2. Auto associate facility - for notation with tablature.
3. Chord grid symbols.
4. Additional notation - bend, vibrato etc.

1. Standard integrated application help system.
2. Step through Tutorial linked into application.
3. Application Tip of the Day (Select 1 of 2 levels Advanced or Beginner).
4. Online help and support.

* IBM PC or compatible.
* Mouse pointing device. Preferable: Sound Blaster or compatible sound card.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $74.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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