Avangardo GPS Generator PRO

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  • Date: Feb 24, 2018
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    Wireless Communication
Avangardo GPS Generator PRO Download
Free Download Avangardo GPS Generator PRO 4.2.2

Avangardo GPS Generator PRO is a software GPS device emulator. It is designed for providing assitance in developing, testing and debugging programs and equipment working with the NMEA-0183 protocol. This application can also be used for learning and testing navigation applications and equipment before purchasing.

This virtual GPS receiver can work without visible GPS satellites, thus it's much more efficient when used indoors. Besides, purchasing the program costs less, than purchasing a GPS receiver.

The program emulates the operation of a GPS receiver (position, speed of relocation, reception quality, and satellite constellation) and gives out GPS data based on the NMEA-0183 protocol v. 2.0, 2.1, 2.3 or 3.0. The program can be configured for getting certain NMEA protocol messages in a certain sequence with a certain frequency.

The output NMEA protocol can be written to a file or transmitted via COM port. Any program or
equipment working with the NMEA protocol will recognize transmitted messages, created by the GPS Generator, as data from a real receiver. A certain amount of parity errors (CRC) can be introduced in the generated protocol. This could be used to test consistency of operation in navigiation programs.

The program supports several operation modes, and it can give out output data to a COM port
(including a virtual one) or save to a file. The saved file can also be re-played providing an opportunityfor creating repeatable work scenarios, which would be difficult to do with an actual GPS receiver.

1. Support for *.mif and *.shp files as maps.
2. Coordinates, speed (kph, knots or mph) and altitude parameters configuration.
3. Satellite constellation setup and observation (PRN, azimuth, elevation, SNR).
4. Configuarable dilution of precision factors (PDOP, HDOP, VDOP).
5. Toggling between 2D/3D selection modes (manual/automatic).
6. Position fix mode (2d/3d/not defined).
7. Generation of the following NMEA messages: GGA, GLL, RMC, GSA, GSV, VTG.
8. "Moving map" mode.
9. Toggling between different NMEA-0183 releases (2.0-3.0).
10. Packet data transmission mode (NMEA messages are grouped in packets. All messages in one
11. packet are sent at the same time).
12. Route generation mode.
13. GPS Fix modes (Invalid, GPS Fix, DGPS Fix, PPS Fix, RTK, Float RTK).
14. High\low speed selection (affects the speed setting precision).
15. Random data transmission mode (random NMEA message is generated).
16. Send data via Bluetooth to other devices (currently only the BlueSoleil driver is supported).
17. Writing the NMEA protocol to a COM port (including a virtual one).
18. Writing the NMEA protocol to a file.

* 15 minutes session limit
* Only map mode
* Only RMC NMEA message

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $124, you can free download and get a free trial.

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