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  • Date: May 19, 2017
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Autopano Pro is a world where photography assumes its rightful place, where more time is spent in the field than sitting in front of a computer screen. A world where you are free to take the very shots you want without limits or constraints, a world where, at last, your panoramas look like what you want them to!

With it, you can:
1. Create professional-quality panoramic images, by automatically stitching photos together,
2. Take advantage of the numerous advanced features of Autopano Pro: exclusive system of automatic color and exposure correction, control points editor to stitch images together even in difficult cases, SmartBlend ghost-remover to correct moving people or objects, HDR stitching from bracketed images, and many more features to discover,
3. Automate the whole process of panorama creation to spend more time on the field, not in front of your computer.

Autopano Pro Features:
1. Automatic picture retrieval
Right-click on a folder: detect panorama
Autopano Pro automatically retrieves from a folder the pictures that form part of a panorama and disregards those images that are not needed. No longer any need trawl through your pictures to prepare the panorama.
And the detectivity of Autopano Pro's engine is really awesome, far better than the human eye. That is why it can solve cases that you would hardly be able to define manually. There is no problem even if the pictures have very different focal lengths or exposures. Even if one picture is clear and the other out of focus, Autopano Pro is able to match them up.
2. Color correction
It's revolutionary! Autopano Pro is the only software of panoramic photography that irons out color and exposure differences and produces invisible seams between adjacent pictures. The user benefit is enormous the tool allows you absolute freedom automatic exposure, automatic white balance, no problem!
What is more, the technology can increase the total panorama dynamic range - with two JPEG images, this by far exceeds a RAW dynamic range.
3. Smartblend ghost-remover
While you are taking photographs for a panorama, the scene can change between two takes people and vehicles move etc.
In the past, tedious photoshop retouching was necessary to make up for these differences. But now, with Smartblend technology, you don't have to worry, the overlap between two pictures is analyzed to find the best possible transition area.
4. Support of motorized panoramic heads
Autopano Giga & Autopano Pro software support more than 400 file types in input (including RAW of most manufacturers), and they now also include a specific module to import images from motorized panoramic heads.
This module re-creates the shooting grid (number of rows, number of columns, shooting direction, etc.) so that the stitching is made easier and even faster.
Autopano Giga & Autopano Pro support Gigapan, Merlin and all Papywizard-compatible panoramic heads. Autopano Giga also support Clauss Rodeon panoheads.
5. Export in Flash, creation of virtual tours
Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga enable you to export a panorama on Flash format. Autopano Giga goes much further: it includes an exclusive tool, Autopano Tour, that enables you to generate complete and interactive virtual tours, very easily.
6. Fisheye lens
If you use a fisheye lens, you don't have to take as many shots to obtain a full 360 by 180 panorama. This is a real advantage if you want to produce virtual visits, for example.
Our solutions can deal with all fisheye types full-frame, circular fisheye on reflex camera, or digital camera fisheye accessories. Results are obtained in the same way, and just as simply as with a standard lens.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR99.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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