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Free Download Automation Anywhere 9.0.0

Automation Anywhere is an intelligent automation software that enables you to automate complex tasks without any programming. You can either record keyboard and mouse activity or create detailed automation scripts with the help of wizards. The program comes with built-in scheduler, repeat options, multiple variable and debugging support, as well as support for task-chaining, conditional IF statements, file, system and Internet commands. Advanced users can also integrate external scripts within an Automation Anywhere script to automate even more complex tasks.

No matter what your automation needs are, Automation Anywhere has the perfect solution for you.

Automation Anywhere is available in multiple versions. The version you need will depend on the features you require.

All versions have our unique SMART Automation Technology that offers unparallel ease of use & assures highest reliability and accuracy of automated task. No programming required.
Automation Anywhere Feature List:

Feature Description
Task creation No programming required. 4 easy options to create any task in just minutes.
1. Use SMART Task Recorder
2. Use pre-defined automation templates
3. Use task editor with point & click wizard
4. Use Web Recorder for web automation

Security Ability to secure your tasks with a password.
For added security password protected tasks are encrypted with strong, industry standard encryption.

Intelligent automation software Powered by our unique SMART Automation Technology TM: Task re-plays automatically adjust to more than 40 changes between record and play conditions giving you trouble free re-plays. For e.g.:
1. Window position or size change
2. If desktop icons or start menu items have moved
3. Task bar or dialog box location change
4. Internet connection is slower of faster
5. Computer CPU load
6. ...and many more.

This eliminates the need to write "infrastructure code". It allows you to focus on your business logic and automate 10 times faster than other automation software.

Reliability & accuracy Reliability and accuracy certified. Our vigorous testing and reliability certification is unmatched in the industry. (See our reliability & accuracy money back guarantee)
Repeat task Ability to run tasks repeatedly at regular intervals. You can
1. Repeat N times
2. Repeat for ever (until you Stop it)
3. Repeat for hh:mm:ss time
4. You can also set advance properties for repeat. Like

Time between replays
Upon error, continue with next repeat

Speed Ability to run task faster with accuracy. You can select from 3 speed options.
1. Standard Replay (as recorded)
2. High Speed Replay (faster)
3. Turbo-Action Replay (faster, no mouse moves)

You can also customize the speed by adjusting delays in the editor. Run the task as fast as your computer can run.

Schedule task Scheduling capability to run tasks at pre-defined times. Automation Anywhere offers many scheduling options. You can schedule
1. Daily (every day or only weekdays or every 2 days for example)
2. Weekly (certain days of the week, for example every Monday)
3. Monthly (certain day of month, for example 1st January & 5th& October)
4. One time only
5. When computer starts
6. When you logon
7. When computer is idle
8. You can also schedule a task multiple times.

Advance Web recorder Web recorder understands all web controls. When you perform any action in a browser, for example click a link or a button or a check box, Automation Anywhere knows the exact web control. If websites change & links or buttons move, Automation Anywhere will still accurately replay the task.
Edit tasks Edit recorded tasks or create new tasks with point & click action wizards. No programming required. More than 250 powerful actions to choose from like
* Keyboard & Mouse actions
* Files/Folder actions
* Windows actions
* Conditional actions
* Loop actions
* Internet actions
* Database actions
* Clipboard actions
* ...and many more.

Task to exe for distribution * Premier & Enterprise license allows task to exe capability.

Businesses and IT divisions can generate exes to manage & configure software, alter software behavior and more.

These exes are self-contained and can even run on the computers that do not have Automation Anywhere.

Exes have intelligent Automation Anywhere agent inside it so even on a remote computer they are still powered by SMART Automation Technology. It makes automatic adjustments while replaying the exe to run tasks seamlessly across computers.
Exes provide unprecedented security in automation. All exes have task encrypted with strong encryption to protect task content. In addition you can also password protect the task.
* Premier & Enterprise version only

Manage Windows Control actions for background execution Premier & Enterprise license offers Manage Windows control actions. Using this actions you can access many common Windows controls like
* Drop down
* Radio button
* Check box
* List box
* Tree Control
* Status Bar
* Buttons
* ..and more

This feature takes reliability of automation to a new level. All of these actions can also happen in background offering a huge leap in reliable automation.
* Premier & Enterprise version only

Pre-defined automation templates Automation Anywhere features many pre-defined automation templates. Just answer few questions and Automation Anywhere will automatically create a task for you. Template like
1. Automate Backup
2. Find broken web links
3. Automate FTP
4. Automate System maintenance
5. Transfer data from Excel
6. Web data Extraction
7. ...and many more

Variable support Variables let you run the same task again & again with different values, without changing the task. Two different types of variables are supported.

System variables: These are pre-defined variables like date, clipboard, etc.
User variables: These are variables that you can define as per your need. 3 different types of user variables are supported.
* Value (Single Value)
* List (Multiple Values)
* Random (Random Value)

Unique Auto Login capability Auto Login capability allows scheduled tasks to run even when computer is locked. Automation Anywhere provides this powerful feature to Auto Login and Auto Lock for maximum security.
When you enable Auto Login, and any scheduled task runs, Automation Anywhere will unlock the computer if it is locked and start executing your task. Once the task completes, it will lock the computer again. This eliminates the need to keep your computer unlocked for task execution.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $995.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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