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AutoTRAX EDA Download
Free Download AutoTRAX EDA 10.13

AutoTRAX EDA is the latest version of Kovac Software's complete board-level design system for the development of state of the art electronic products.

AutoTRAX EDA integrates schematic entry, circuit simulation, PCB layout, auto routing and mechanical device management. Designs are created using AutoTRAX's unique wizards.

Great emphasis was placed on ease of use and your productivity during the design of AutoTRAX. This ensures that AutoTRAX utilizes the full power of your computer and puts it to work for you, not you working for the computer. You want to easily and quickly express your designs and test their working. You do not want to fight with the computer.

AutoTRAX EDA Features:
1. Schematic designs based on both parts provided with the software and custom parts created by the user.
2. Built libraries of designs and parts.
3. Cooperate with others using the built-in SQL distributed database algorithms supporting both Internet and extranet collaboration.
4. Simulate the electrical behavior of the schematic using the inbuilt SPICE simulation engine.
5. Produce parts lists-Bill of Materials (BOM)
6. Export the design to other programs including PCB layout programs.
7. During the design of AutoTRAX, the following prime targets was uppermost in the design objectives:
8. Must Have! Above all, AutoTRAX is a must have product&ldots; PERIOD. The benefits and productivity improvements soon out-weight the purchase cost.
9. Minimize Cost Of Ownership. Many programs carry with them a considerable cost of ownership. This costs includes maintenance and in particular training. AutoTRAX has been designed to minimize training by its ease of use.
10. Ease of Use. A much overused phrase but one nevertheless that is very important has a profound impact on the cost of the design and the users satisfaction.
11. Consistent User Interface. Current Electronic Design Automation (EDA) programs often present a confusing set of different interfaces to the user. It appears that they are a collection of programs from different companies, purchased by the supplier, and packaged as a program 'suite'. This often is the case and the programs have been purchased from smaller companies that are often failing, are tight for money or are successful and the original team wishes to sell and move on&ldots; The design of AutoTRAX has been deliberately targeted to deliver a consistent interface with no gimmicks.
12. Highly Interactive. Here again we have another overworked phrase but one that describes an area which has a major impact on productivity.
13. Graphics Quality. Here, it is felt that current EDA developers have severely let down the user. If an engineer has spent many hours on a design it is only right that the final printed schematics reflect their professionalism and pride in their work. The grubby blueprint and wiry line pen plots of the last century just will not do&ldots; A great deal of work was taken to during the design of AutoTRAX to ensure that printed output would be of the best and ultimate quality. In particular, the features of the new breed of large format photographic quality printers such as those from Hewlett-Packard are used to the best of the ability.
14. Reliability. What it is the point of using a program that is unreliable? Sometimes users will tolerate an unreliable program (CorelDraw 4) due to their unique capabilities but not for long. Users want a quite life and so do support personal. However, no program is 100% bug free. AutoTRAX's design has concentrated on reliability and reliability physics with the aim of maximizing the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and the cost of maintenance.

No surprises with lost or missing PCB tracks or wires, or those 'extra wires. Now that you have your design finished and routed you can then produce all Computer Aided Manufacturing files you will need to produce the board, drill the holes, cut its profile, order parts using the Bill Of Materials, and place your parts using the pick and place files.

* Limited to 100 pins and can only be used for non-profit purposes.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $99.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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