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  • Date: Dec 02, 2010
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AutoMail does nothing but email specified files to specified addresses via SMTP or MS Exchange.

You have a daily process that runs...for instance, a report generated by FoxPro for people in your organization. After the report is completed, you need to distribute the results.

You could, of course, put the results in a shared directory so people could access them as needed, but that has its drawbacks. Someone might...ahem...accidentally delete the results. Or perhaps some of the people needing the report aren't on the network.

A better choice might be to email each person, attaching a copy of the report, and that is where AutoMail comes in.

Simply create a configuration file with the email addresses and attachment filenames, and call AutoMail.

You can either place a copy of AutoMail and its AutoMail.ini file a directory, and call it directly with no parameters
put AutoMail somewhere on the Path (\Windows\System, for instance), and call it with the full path to the configuration file as a commandline parameter.

exec C:\AutoMail\AutoMail.exe
exec AutoMail.exe F:\Projects\Reports\daily.cfg

* A connection to an SMTP email server or MS Exchange

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this email tool software.

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