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  • Date: Feb 20, 2016
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Free Download AutoCAD OwnerGuard 12.9.1

AutoCAD OwnerGuard is an AutoCAD DWG Security, DRM, Copy Protection and Distribution Management Solution. It uses the full power of OwnerGuard technology to provide a real Security, Distribution, Publishing, Watermarking, Licensing and DRM solution for Autodesk AutoCAD Drawings (DWG). Now you can gain full control over your drawings usages, distribution and ownership rights.

This product is made specially for internal company drawing security and publishers. AutoCAD OwnerGuard Locks your DWG Drawings to individual computer(s). AutoCAD OwnerGuard Defines High Security Expiration Dates or Working Times for your drm protected AutoCAD Drawings.

AutoCAD OwnerGuard Controls and applies all required limitations on illegal redistributions, illegal transfers, printing(including limitation on total number of printed pages), screen capture, save, copy, expiration date and working time for your users.

AutoCAD OwnerGuard Minimizes your users DRM hassles by letting them access your DRM protected dwg drawings offline. With AutoCAD OwnerGuard you can distribute and sell your secured/protected drawings easily while youve got full control over them.

Using AutoCAD OwnerGuard you can Gain full control over your sensitive drawings security, protection, usage limitations, distribution and digital rights management. AutoCAD OwnerGuard will bring the maximum protection an ease of use to you and your users.

AutoCAD OwnerGuard Features:
1. Advanced 256 bit AES encryption system for drawings.
2. Advanced digital rights protection system to protect your ownership while new drawings are creating using your protected drawings.
3. Support a wide range of limitations for drawing users including Machine-Dependency, Working Duration, Expiration Date, Print Watermarking, Printing, Clipboard, Modification, Screen-Capture, OLE Drag&Drops and ....
4. Fully automated serial based licensing system.
5. Support Machine Dependent/Independent license codes.
6. Support ActiveX Objects to use with server pages or other applications to customize and integrate the licensing process ...
7. Support multiple/single digital ownership rights for protected drawings.
8. Support multiple project creation to make groups for your drm protected drawings.
9. Fully functional hierarchical reseller licensing system to ease license distribution on the net.
10. Strong login system to prevent unauthorized users to access owners licensing system on his computer.

OwnerGuard is a new technology in Data Security, Digital Rights Management ( DRM ) and Protection systems which is designed specially for Information Marketing, documents distribution management and licensing over internet and local networks. OwnerGuard products are ideal for internal company document security / distribution management, corporate environments and high-volume publishing enterprises.

* Autodesk AutoCAD 14, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this cad software.

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