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  • Date: Jul 15, 2013
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AudioMulch Download
Free Download AudioMulch 2.2.4

AudioMulch is a real-time sound synthesis and audio processing software, a software for live performance, audio processing, sound synthesis and music composition.

Use AudioMulch to:
1. Perform live and improvise
2. Compose all kinds of digital, electronic and electroacoustic music
3. Create ambient soundtracks
4. Do sound mangling, including granular synthesis
5. Process live instruments
6. Host VST plugins
7. Learn and teach audio processing

AudioMulch allows you to make music by patching together a range of sound producing and processing modules. Unlike some patcher-based programming environments, AudioMulch's modules perform high-level musical functions, so you don't have to create things from the ground up using individual oscillators and filters. AudioMulch is designed for live performance and improvisation - you can process live audio sources and control every knob and slider on the user interface using a MIDI controller.

AudioMulch Features:
1. Signal Generators: Test tone / noise, drum machine, bassline synthesizer, additive synthesizer, stored sample granulator, loop player, streaming sound file players and recorders (up to 24 channels), Shepard / Risset tone generator, arpeggiator
2. Effects: Reverb, flanger, phaser, delay line granulator, ring / amplitude modulation, stereo delays, dynamic stereo spatialiser, waveshaper / distortion , digital grunge inducer, pulsar comb filter, frequency shifter, 16 channel live sampling looper, live sampling "canon" looper
3. Filters: Parametric EQ, resonant comb filter bank, Shepard / Risset filter bank, granular filtering, resonant lowpass with pattern triggering and envelope folowing control
4. Mixers: Mono and stereo mixers and gain elements, crossfader, matrix with variable fade times
5. AudioMulch supports VST audio effects plugins, allowing hundreds of free plugins and many commercial plugins to be used within the AudioMulch environment.

* Restrictions in functions after 60 days.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $189.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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