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Aud2Wav Download
Free Download Aud2Wav 1.2

Aud to wav fast and easy. Aud2Wav will rip the .aud music files and turn them into .wav format.

The AUD files in Red Alert use the same format as those in C&C so you can use these programs on them too (as long as you can find a program that will extract the AUD files from Red Alert's MIX files).

In C&C there are basically two types of AUD files. The majority of the files use the IMA-ADPCM compression for 22kHz, 16-bit, mono sounds.

There's another compression type for 8-bit sounds which is used primarily for death screams. That's why the utilities won't work on these files.
These utility displays information (sampling frequency, compression, etc.) about the specified AUD file(s) (you can use whildcards). The two compression types are indicated by ADPCM and WWC. The conversion utilities work only on ADPCM files.

2. AUD2WAV :
This utility converts an AUD file to WAV format. It creates an uncompressed WAV file that will be approximately four times larger than the original AUD file. It works only on 16-bit, mono AUD files compressed with the IMA-ADPCM algorithm.

3. WAV2AUD :
This utility converts a WAV file to AUD format. It will compress it with IMA-ADPCM algorithm so the AUD file will be four times smaller. It works only with 16-bit, mono, uncompressed (PCM) WAV files. If your WAV file is 8-bit, stereo or compressed, please convert it to the above format, first. Note that all the AUD files in C&C and Red Alert are sampled at 22kHz.

Please Note: this program can not support Windows 7 (64bits).

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this audio converter software.

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