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Attend HRM is an incredibly powerful software for managing human resources. It works great for a small company with a few employees all the way up to a large multi-location organization with complex rules and several thousand employees. The time attendance module allows you to collect and organize your employee time data most accurately, no matter how complex your attendance rules are.

Attend has been built on time tested framework. It is modular and flexible. It can work with any Access Control System. It is multi language capable. The preferred language can be selected dynamically from the login screen. Moreover, Attend has complex roster generation including a pattern saving option.
Attend is a handy application, that has optional web module for the reporting purpose. It can work with a number of database systems like SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Firebird etc. Attend effectively utilizes the multi language capabilities of the database systems and allows the organization to use the language of its preference.

The seamless integration between time attendance and payroll allows you to pay your employee for every hour of overtime he does; also allows you to cut his pay for every hour he is late. Define your attendance rules, define your salary rules, leave the rest of the job to Attend HRM. Just remember to print pay slips every month end. Attend HRM can talk to different Time Attendance devices, create employee schedules(even rotating shifts), manage leaves and much more. 'Attend HRM - Lite' is free for unlimited usage.

Attend HRM Features:
1. Supports Multiple Databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird and more)
2. Supports Multiple Languages (English, Hindi, Arabic and more)
3. Supports Multiple Attendance Devices (Biometric, RFID, and more)
4. Compatible with any Attendance Device (HID, Virdi, IR, e-focus, Bioscrypt and more)
5. Supports Multiple Locations (Branches located across the globe)
6. Integrated Payroll Software (User-defined Salary Structures, Formulas, and more)
7. Statutory Reports (PF, ESI, and more)
8. Customizable Reports(Save, Print, Email options in all reports)
9. Web enabled reports
10. Outlook style interface for a very user-friendly GUI
11. Integrated Security Solution (CCTV, Fire Alarms and more)
12. Time Attendance Management (Real-time and editable attendance)
13. Leave Management (Entitlements, User defined leave types and more)
14. Seamless integration with legacy attendance devices
15. Optional Dongle Support for extended security
16. Single user/multi user client server operations
17. Reduce workforce management costs
18. Reduce your payroll costs
19. Increase Employee Productivity
20. Improve security in your office
21. Open to customizations

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The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $349.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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