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  • Date: Nov 16, 2009
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AstroZip offers a simple, alternative way to create zip files. The basic idea is that we tend to collect large amounts of AVI files when capturing astro images with webcams. This can easily become tens of gigabytes in one evening. I want to save all my captured data and burn the original files to CD-R disks. Processing techniques are constantly improving, so keeping the raw data is important. But since the amount of data is large, lossless compression is needed. By using WinZip, I can compress all files without quality loss in one operation, but the result is much too large to fit on one CD-R. The alternative is then to zip each file, but that is a laborious task. AstroZip was created to help solve this problem.

With AstroZip it is easier, you can use the "Keep Individual Files" option, and create a zip file for each file in the source folder automatically (but files with same name will be put in a common zip file), and the output is stored in the target folder. The target folder can be a mapped network disk, so the program can also be a nice way to copy compressed data across a network.

Since the resulting files are of reasonable size, they are easier to pack on a CD-R.

AstroZip Features
1. It is really very simple:
2. Use a standard file name mask to select what kind of files to back up, for example *.* to select any file, or *.AVI to only consider AVI files.
3. Copy files from the specified source folder. Use the button at right to navigate if required.
4. Store the output to the Target folder. This can be on the same machine or across the network (drive letter required).
5. Use "store path in zip" if you want the file path when restoring later.
6. Skip when conflict. If the target file already exist, you can echoose to ignore copying the file by checking "Skip when conflict". If the option is not checked, the target file will still not be overwritten if it exists, the files will instead be copied to a "" file
7. Timestamp option. When this option is checked, any conflict files will be timestamped to ensure it will not be overwritten.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file compression software.

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