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TotallySQL Assembly Manager is a Windows application for MS SQL database administrators and developers that greatly simplifies the task of managing CLR (Common Language Runtime) assemblies in a live database environment.

CLR integration - first released with SQL 2005 - offers a rich, powerful and safe way to extend native SQL functionality that delivers blistering performance and flexibility compared with conventional scripted T-SQL functions and other objects. However, the native administration capabilities provided within SQL Server Management Studio leave a lot to be desired and make it very difficult to manage and control significant numbers of CLR-defined objects across multiple databases and servers.

TotallySQL Assembly Manager provides a much higher degree of visibility and control - making it very easy to add and remove CLR-defined objects, perform upgrades, maintain consistency between databases, enforce policy, implement and manage security schema, generate change and rollback scripts and so on.

For Database Administrators
Totally SQL Assembly Manager gives you immediate visibility and control over which assemblies and assembly-defined-objects are installed on which databases, whether any of the assemblies are marked with EXTERNAL or UNSAFE permission sets, and which security schema are in use. It substantially reduces the effort required to carry out changes, allows changes to be scripted out and inspected before execution, and provides a roll-back mechanism for changes so that they can be backed out. It also provides non-administrators with the ability to safely define the changes required in the form of a series of change actions, and pass them over to you in an actions file that can be loaded up to allow you to see the effect the changes will have before they are applied.

For Database Developers and Solutions Architects
Totally SQL Assembly Manager makes the use of MS SQL's powerful CLR integration features a viable and worthwhile option for your organization, by taking away the headache associated with CLR assembly administration. It provides total visibility and control over the CLR assemblies and the functions, aggregates, stored procedures, types and triggers that are defined in them. By just pointing and clicking you can easily choose which features to install in which databases, and you can copy assemblies and programming objects between databases by simply dragging and dropping or cutting and pasting. You can define change scripts and hand them over to your DBA for review and implementation - or if you have the appropriate permissions you can apply the changes yourself.

* .NET Framework
* SQL Server 2005 or later on server

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $199.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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