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AnyDbTest is the first and only automated DB unit testing tool available using Xml as test case. AnyDbTest is just designed for DBA/DB developers. It supports all kinds of popular database, such as Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL etc.
AnyDbTest can also be used to validate the replication, ETL, DTS & SSIS result. You can compare data of two SQL queries between two databases visually to see differences highlighted on the screen.
According to data presented by a number of organizations, early testing can provide a cost improvement of as much as 100 times over the practice of relying on system testing that occurs after integration. (Reference1, Reference2).
As one best practice of early testing, unit testing is a popular concept in application development. And in community, there are many unit testing tools for application developers, such as jUnit, NUnit, CppUnit etc.
But the database community has not yet embraced the advantages and strategies of this approach. Most database developers have little or no concept of unit testing and there are few if any tools to support them. (Refer this article from InfoQ). DBA/ DB developers had a long test feedback loop originated from application developers/tests, they were not really benefiting from unit testing.
Now this problem is history. AnyDbTest has filled this gap with offering so many cool features. And it offers some killer highlights such as Sandbox test model and cross-different-type-database test. All of these help it to exceed other existed tools.
AnyDbTest is a good solution because it enabled DBA and DB developers to write test cases by configure an Xml file. You will not need to program at all. Obviously it is easier than in TSQL/PL-SQL based and Java/.Net based unit testing libraries. Plus, the verifying process will be not tedious and error-prone again. With AnyDbTest, you will greatly reduce the amount of errors in your database code/script.

Features specific to AnyDbTest:
* Writing test case with Xml, rather than Java/C++/C#/VB test case code
* Many kinds of standard assertion supported, such as StrictEqual, SetEqual, IsSupersetOf, Overlaps, RecordCountEqual etc
* Allows using Excel spreadsheet/Xml as the source of the data for the tests
* Supports Sandbox test model, if test will be done in sandbox, all database operations will be rolled back meaning any changes will be undone
* Unique cross-different-type-database testing, which means target and reference result set can come from two databases, even one is SQL Server, another is Oracle.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $145.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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