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  • Date: Nov 28, 2010
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Free Download Antaeus 3.3 Build 3.3.65

Antaeus is a tool for data visualization which is based on the premise that the replacement of raw data by reified abstractions is often wrong. It is an ongoing evolution of tools used in conjunction with scatter plots that are designed to help you ask new questions about existing data.

Antaeus runs on Window Vista and XP, and is free for academic and non-commercial use. We invite you to check it out.

The basic plot type used everywhere in Antaeus is the scatter plot, supplemented by its high-density counterpart, the sunflower plot (see The Sunflower Plot). These plots are supported by quantile plots and histograms, which are used to see the data of a single variable. Scatter plots are used to look for the relationship between two variables, but as the number of variables increases, more and more scatter plots become necessary to visualize all the possible interrelationships.

As an example, the screen shot below shows a scatter plot from the Weather Data demo cube, installed with Antaeus, in the Single Scatter Plot SV (SynchroView). This data consists of 12 variables (measures) and 2 dimensions (date and location) defined by a data table containing 11,458 records, which results in a basic set of 144 different scatter plots. But any scatter plot can be greatly modified by using subsets of the data records, defined in terms of measure and dimension values. Each subset results in a different set of basic scatter plots. Also, as can be seen in the screen shot, the data points in a scatter plot can be separated, using color, into groups corresponding to different values of a dimension.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this database management software.

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