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Alphabix is a small utility for creating bitmap fonts. It has been designed for use with BluffTitler DX9, but also features HTML export. A bitmap font is a font in which every character is a small picture. Other names for bitmap fonts are image fonts, raster fonts and texture fonts. Bitmap fonts created by Alphabix are full colour, contain transparency info, are unicode and can be up to 1024 pixels high per character.

What is a vector font?
In contrast, a vector font is built out of lines and curves and does not contain colour information.

Alphabix Features:
1. Convert vector fonts into bitmap fonts
Alphabix can convert any True Type, Open Type and Type 1 font installed on your system. You can set the character range (which characters you would like to convert), the character set, the size, colour, border size and border colour.

2. Replace characters by pictures
Any character can be replaced by any PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF or JPG picture. Alpha channels are correctly imported.

3. Bitmap fonts are full colour
Vector fonts like True Type (TTF) do not contain any colour information. Bitmap fonts are full colour.

4. Bitmap fonts are highly detailed
Complex shapes are difficult to vectorize and expensive to render. Bitmap fonts can handle small details much more efficiently.

5. Bitmap fonts are fast
BluffTitler renders every character of a bitmap font as a single texturemapped rectangle (2 triangles). A vector font, depending on the shape of the character, is built out of hundreds of triangles.

6. Bitmap fonts are easy to design
If you know how to draw a picture in a paint application you can design your own bitmap font. This is a screenshot of Adobe Photoshop Elements.

7. Bitmap fonts are always antialiased
Even on older graphics cards that do not feature good quality hardware antialiasing, bitmap fonts are antialiased because the texture file created by Alphabix is perfectly antialiased.

8. Bitmap fonts do not scale
A disadvantage of bitmap fonts is that they do not scale. The edge of a vector font stays razor sharp, no matter how close you zoom in. However, when zooming in on a bitmap font, the individual pixels become visible.

9. Export to BluffTitler
Bitmap fonts created by Alphabix can be used by the text and scroller layers of BluffTitler. Press the Select Bitmap Font... button in the font dialog(<F6>) to select a bitmap font.

10. Export as HTML
Alphabix has been designed for use in BluffTitler, but also offers HTML export.

11. Export as letter cubes cut-outs
Alphabix can create cut-outs for letter cubes. Just enter the names you would like to write and the cut-outs are generated fully automatically. The algorithm has been optimized to write as many names with as little cubes.

How do I convert a vector font into a bitmap font?
1. Choose File > New... (or press <F2>)
2. Left-click on a character to add that character
3. Right-click on a character to remove that character
4. Use the other GUI items in the dialog to change the other settings
5. Click on the OK button

How do I replace a character by a picture?
1. Choose File > Add/Replace Picture... (or press <F4>)
2. Select a picture by pressing the Browse button
3. Type the character you would like to replace in the Character textbox
4. Use the other GUI items in the dialog to change the other settings
5. Click on the OK button

Tips: Alphabix can automatically load successive pictures when you name your files like this: A.png, B.png, C.png,..

How do I save my bitmap font?
1. Choose File > Save as... to save your bitmap font
2. Saving your bitmap font creates 2 files: a texture file and a datafile.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $32.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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