Allegro NFS Server

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  • Date: Jun 20, 2007
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Allegro NFS Server for Windows was inspired by our dissatisfaction with current free and commercial NFS Servers available on the market and the incredible technical difficulties we faced in configuring them on Windows 2000.

Rather than continue feeding our frustration we decided to write our own version using our flagship product Allegro CL, a dynamic object-oriented development environment for Common Lisp/CLOS. Allegro CL, is ideal for rapid prototyping and deployment of complex, mission-critical projects, where flexibility, scalability, and speed are essential.

The project was well worth the effort. All told, we spent about the same amount of time doing administration on the Hummingbird? NFS product we bought as we did authoring our own Common Lisp based version. The initial version of Allegro NFS took about a week to create a beta version and another week to make it faster than the product we were trying to utilize.

The license of this software is Demo,

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