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  • Date: Oct 17, 2006
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    Anti Spam Software
AllSpamAway Download
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Spammers will stop at nothing to find ways around filters and into your inbox.
Here's why it's so easy for them:

They already have your e-mail address.
They never provide a real address in the replay to or from fields to avoid receiving thousands o millions of answers.
They frequently change the sender address, subject and e-mail body to avoid being blocked.
They use incorrect spelling, pictures, silly names and other tricks to avoid being filtered. The sender manages his authorization simply replying to a verification e-mail sent by AllSpamAway.
The user sets up which POP accounts to control.
If necessary, the user can manually manage authorization that cannot be modified by the sender.
The user sets up the rules on how to treat messages.
Easy access icons on Menu Bar to change authorizations and other functions. One-click and AllSpamAway will block or allow a particular sender address and move all the e-mails from that address to the according folder.
Messages arrive directly to the user's PC; no anti-spam servers are in between.
The installation is easy and quick, only one minute.
As AllSpamAway is an Outlook Add-In, it can be deactivated from the tools menu.

The license of this software is Demo,

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