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  • Date: Mar 23, 2011
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    Wireless Communication
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AirStop is wireless security software for mobile computers in government, financial and corporate environments. Targeted at IT departments, security integrators and laptop vendors, this software-only solution provides remote control of all communications adapters and removeable storage devices on laptop PCs, preventing wireless bridging and connection to unauthorized wireless networks. The solution is highly scalable with centralized installation, configuration and tracking.
AirStop can control communications adapters and storage devices on laptops to enforce security policy and prevent data leakage.
AirStop is an endpoint security solution which prevents data leakage by controlling all communications adapters and storage devices on laptop and desktop computers.

Designed as an enterprise applications, the software enforces security policy by allowing a single communications adapter to be used during a given computing session.

In addition, the "Sticky Wireless" functionality ensures that wireless connections are made only to authorized wireless networks as defined by the system administrator. This prevents users from connecting to unauthorized networks in the area such as the local cafe, neighboring networks and municipal WiFi.

Security policy is defined by the administrator and enfoced by software. The optional AirStop Server module allows for remote control of user machines as well as full reporting of all communcations activity for regulatory compliance or similar applications.

The license of this software is Commercial,

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