AhnLab V3Net for Windows Server

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AhnLab V3Net for Windows Server Download
Free Download AhnLab V3Net for Windows Server

AhnLab V3Net for Windows Server is a Security Solution Exclusively for Windows Servers, protect your server with a powerful and complete antivirus solution. AhnLab V3Net for Windows Server will allow you to provide the best security for your servers. AhnLab V3Net for Windows Server blocks security threat at the network level in real-time.

What it does :
1. Secures the safety of a system by preventing servers from becoming the host of malicious codes and spreading them inside.
2. Reduces the cost of system extension by blocking attacks of malicious codes which cause server overload.
3. Enhances work productivity by providing working environments free and safe from malicious code attacks.
4. Minimizes the burden of security management and administration by reinforcing server utilization functions for administrators such as 'no server rebooting' and resource management function.
5. Enhances security as it is also safe to use servers by directly making access to internal network rather than through the internet or external network.

V3Net is an integrated security solution to protect your computer and sensitive personal information by detecting and repairing malicious security threats, and blocking hack attacks. V3Net 7.0 helps check and specify the security protection settings, and remove Internet threats such as viruses and spyware with a userfriendly interface.

1. Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware
V3Net detects and repairs malicious codes and spyware, which have been installed on the computer without your awareness, disclose private data and/or generate annoying pop-up ads. Real-time Virus Scan and Real-time Spyware Scan will always safeguard your computer and important personal data.

2. Protection from Hack Attacks
V3Net blocks unauthorized programs from connecting to the Internet and disclosing data, and blocks unauthorized users from accessing your computer. To see more details on how to detect and block hacking attempts, please refer to Blocking Network Security Threats.

3. Security Event Notification
V3Net automatically informs you if any malicious codes or hack attacks are detected on your computer. You can configure the settings to display Event Notification and receive Notification E-mail when a security event occurs.

4. Real-time Scan and Repair
V3Net provides the integrated and comprehensive functions of malicious threats detection, prevention and repair. It will keep monitoring your system and identify security threats existing on the system or transferred from the Internet.

5. Most Up-To-Date Engine
The latest anti-virus engine promises to secure your system from unknown as well as known threats. V3Net 7.0 offers a live engine update function to safeguard your system from malicious codes.

6. User-Defined Scan Settings
You can schedule scanning for virus/spyware at a specified time. In addition, you can determine files or programs to scan, and set a scanning interval depending on your needs. The regular scanning will help protect you system safe all the time.

7. Latest Security News
Please visit AhnLab home page to regularly check the most up-to-date news about malicious codes and security alerts. Various security information including product guidelines, Smart Update, and the latest security news are available at the AhnLab home page.

8. Microsoft Windows Update
Microsoft provides product patches and updates for recently found vulnerabilities in MS products. Windows provides Windows Update features to patch or update products easily. Please regularly check for the latest security patches for your operating system and keep your computer patched with the latest security updates.

AhnLab V3Net for Windows Server Features:
1. Anti-Virus
* Real-time monitoring/blocking of virus
* Diagnosis of malicious programs

2. Anti-Spyware
* Real-time monitoring/disinfection of spyware
* Manual and preset scanning

3. Infected IP Tracking
* Auto blocking after tracking infected IP
* Blocking of malicious network packets

4. Self Protection
* Protection of files and process related to the product
* Smart update and TS engine protection

Functions for Server Utilization
1. Resource Management
Efficient use of resource by configuring CPU utilization ratio

2. Rebooting Prevention
Addressing rebooting issue occurring in installation/deletion/update

3. Management Solution Interaction
Able to establish enterprise-wise security policies by interworking with APC

Professional Response Service
1. ASEC(Security E-Response Center)
Fast and accurate response 24x7x365 through the global response center ASEC

2. Customer-Centered Service
Fast technical and customer support through hot lines for business customers

3. Professional Security Service
20 years of experience in malicious code analysis and response

4. Business know-how for business customers
The most number of business customers in the area of malicious code response

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $400.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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