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  • Date: Mar 27, 2017
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Advanced Renamer (formerly ARen) is a batch renaming utility, that makes it easier to rename any number of files or folders. It supports 7 different renaming methods and also supports MP3 tags. You can rename the files with an increasing number, add a prefix and extract information directly from the file attributes or ID3 tag to be included in the new name. Next to standard renaming, change the case, change attributes, replace strings in the file name and more. The program is easy to use and allows you to instantly preview the new file names, before processing your files.

This program is a great utility for organising digital pictures for both professionals and beginners. The thumbnail mode lets you display thumbnails directly in the file list giving you maximum control of the renaming process. With this program you can rename all your photos in a snap.

MP3 files often have messed up names and contain weird characters. With Advanced Renamer you can change the names of your favourite music files to more suitable names using the built-in ID3 functions.

Advanced Renamer Features
1. Undo functionality
2. Real time preview of file rename
3. MP3/ID3 renaming
4. Image renaming with EXIF support
5. Thumbnail view
6. Supports both files and folders
7. Several renaming methods
8. Use multiple methods at once
9. Tag rename

Renaming methods: * New Name with Tags * New Case * Remove / Delete * Replace * Add / Insert * List * File Attributes * File Timestamp
Languages: * English * Danish * Turkish * Dutch * German
Here are som easy steps on how to get started renaming files in Advanced Renamer.

Add files
First you need to add some files to the list. Click the Add menu item above the file list.
In the drop down list pick Files and a dialog for opening files appear.
Select the files you would like to rename and click Open.
Setup renaming methods

Now you need to setup how the files should be renamed. This is done in the left part of the program where it seays Renaming method list.
Click the button Add method and select a method in the appearing window. We will be using New name method in this example. With the New Name method you can construct a completely new filename based on known information of each individuel file.
In the box called New Name you can write the new name of the file. Type in "MyFile_<IncNr:1>.<Ext>" (without the quotes).
If you look in the column called New Filename you can see the new filename each file will have. As you see <IncNr:1> will be replaced with a incrementing number starting from 1 and <Ext> will be replaced with the file extension.
Start renaming

Click the button Start Batch in the top of the window.
In the new window click Rename.
Now you will see a progress bar progressing as the files are renamed.
When it completes you are done and can click OK.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file renaming software.

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