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  • Version: 3.2b
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  • Date: Mar 28, 2012
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Adroit Photo Recovery Download
Free Download Adroit Photo Recovery 3.2b

The only photo recovery software to use SmartCarving, a forensics technology, used by law enforcement agencies around the world. This means that we guarantee the best photo recovery possible.

Based on award winning forensic technology, Adroit allows for maximum photo recovery. With an easy-to-use interface and SmartCarving which recovers 15-20% more photos, Adroit takes photo recovery to a whole new level. It can recover deleted photos from internal and external hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards, digital cameras, and disk images in three easy steps. Simply point and click the drive or memory card to recover from and Adroit takes care of the rest. Detects accidentally formatted drives and memory cards automatically and tunes the recovery engine appropriately. During recovery, thumbnails of recovered photos stream through the screen.

Uses award-winning, trusted forensic technology to recover hundreds and thousands of difficult-to-recover photos. Handles camera recovery for RAW formats as well.

Simple, intuitive user interface allows maximum recovery in just three clicks. Select the media, begin recovery, and save. No guessing - Fully recovered photos identified.

Camera recovery, Memory card recovery, SD card recovery, Flash disk recovery, CF recovery, USB recovery, and hard drive recovery; we handle them all.

How is Adroit Photo Recovery different from other recovery programs?
The biggest difference is that Adroit consistently recovers more photos than any other recovery program out there. Adroit is also one of the easiest recovery programs to use. Just three clicks and you are done. Adroit also offers the best "bang for your bucks!"

Can Adroit Photo Recovery recover from memory cards?
Of course! Adroit can recover from any media that Windows Explorer can see; This includes memory cards, CompactFlash, Flash, SD, and mini SD cards, USB keys, internal and external hard drives, and SSD drives.

How much is it?
You can download and try Adroit for free. It will allow you to recover all the photos and view them (in their actual size) for free. If you like the results you can pay $39.90 to save the results. When you're ready to save click the save button in Adroit and it will collect your payment information securely and automatically register your software.

Storage devices come in many shapes and sizes. Adroit Photo Recovery can recover photos from any device. As long as Microsoft Windows Explorer can read a device Adroit can recover photos from that device. These devices include:
1. Internal and external hard drives
2. USB sticks
3. CompactFlash cards
4. SD cards
5. Digital cameras
6. CD-ROMs

Recover from any file system
File system corruption and accidental formatting are two of the most common reasons for lost photos or entire directories/folders disappearing!

Memory cards can use one of many different file systems such as, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, etc. Adroit Photo Recovery supports all the file systems used by memory cards. Even if a file system is entirely corrupted or a disk drive is accidentally formatted Adroit Photo Recovery can automatically detect these problems and adjust itself to recover those lost photos.

Recover most common formats
Adroit recovers photos stored in the most popular file formats such as, JPEG and PNG. Future versions of Adroit will add support for additional formats found only in high-end cameras such as, CR2, CRW, NEF, RAW, etc.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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