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Flash is vector animation software, originally designed to create animations for display on web pages. Vector graphics are ideal for the web because they are so lightweight. Flash animation has a lot of remarkable excellence when it was used in web pages. For example: Flash movies load faster and save on download time because Flash is vector based. Flash intelligently "caches" it is movies so they do not have to be reloaded. Flash gives the user (the person viewing/using the Flash movie) a more responsive "rich-client" like experience. So Flash animations are used more and more in the web recently. We can see all kinds of Flash movies on the web here and there and we can download interested Flash animations or view them on-line. However, an easy to use and powerful Flash player is the necessary tool we must have. Here I will commend you an excellent Flash player. That is Adobe Flash Player. Now let us go and see how excellent it is!

Adobe Flash Player is the high-performance, lightweight, highly expressive client runtime that delivers powerful and consistent user experiences across major operating systems, browsers, mobile phones, and devices. Installed on over 850 million Internet-connected desktops and mobile devices, Adobe Flash Player enables organizations and individuals to build and deliver great digital experiences to their end users.

The key functions and benefits of Adobe Flash Player include:

1. New virtual machine - Adobe Flash Player includes a new, highly optimized ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM) known as AVM2. Built from the ground up to work with the next generation of ActionScript, the new virtual machine is designed to deliver the performance and features to support the needs of rich Internet application developers.

2. New H.264/HE-AAC options - Adobe Flash Player includes H.264 video and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio codec support that opens up a broad ecosystem and selection of standards-based video - up to HD quality - that developers can leverage in their applications.

3. Flash player cache - The Flash player cache enables common components, such as the Flex Framework, to be cached locally and then used by any SWF from any domain. Use of the Flash player cache can significantly reduce SWF file sizes and speed application download times.

4. Enhanced security - Adobe Flash Player enforces security sandboxes for applications, content, data, and URLs to safeguard sensitive data and help ensure safe browsing for end users.

5. Display API - Adobe Flash Player introduces powerful ActionScript 3.0 methods for manipulating raw graphics and creating custom effects. Create, manipulate, and remove objects from the display list on-the-fly.

6. File upload/download - Adobe Flash Player enables the creation of sophisticated client-server applications using file upload and download APIs.

7. Enhanced expressiveness - Adobe Flash Player includes the expressiveness enhancements added in Flash Player 8 that enable developers and designers to create breakthrough experiences.

8. Consistent experiences - Adobe Flash Player delivers consistent content and application experiences across a range of web browsers and platforms, including full-screen support with hardware scaling now on Linux.

9. Express install - Adobe Flash Player enables a smooth, in-context upgrade experience using Express Install and improved Auto-Update functionality.

10. Input method editor (IME) support - Adobe Flash Player supports expanded integration with Input Method Editors (IMEs) for Asian-language Flash applications.

11. Lightweight footprint - Adobe Flash Player boasts a lightweight footprint of 1MB, enabling the adoption rate of new versions to consistently reach over 600 million Internet users within 12 months of release.

12. Accessibility support - Adobe Flash Player provides support for accessibility through support for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) API and by enabling developers to provide support for keyboard users, deaf and hard of hearing users, and users with other disabilities.

In addition, Adobe Flash Player provides a free trial for us. It is standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. Adobe Flash Player does not contain any adware or spyware. With all these features, simple interface, and excellent usability - why are you still reading? Download the free trial now and experience how powerful and effective it is at once!

Adobe Flash Player (formerly Macromedia Flash Player) lets you view the best animation and entertainment on the Web. It displays Web application front-ends, high-impact Web site user interfaces, interactive online advertising, and short-form to long-form animation. Since it is free of the design restrictions of more traditional Web display options, you can use it to clearly and exactly express your brand and company identity.

Flash plays small, fast multimedia buttons, as well as interactive animations, flying logos, and graphics created in Macromedia Flash. This player is very small, and is a great starting point for experiencing multimedia on the Web. Flash also supports high-fidelity MP3 streaming audio, text entry fields, interactive interfaces, and more. All Flash formats can be viewed with this latest release.

Adobe Flash Player is practically an Internet standard when it comes to viewing multimedia content on the Web. Animations and graphics created for the player are often engaging and well executed.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this flash tool software.

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