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Adobe Flash Player Debugger is an ActiveX control content debugger, provides players and project content debuggers for Flex and Flash Developers. It can be very useful for collecting debug information while building Flex applications. However, before the standard Adobe Flash Player can be installed (for production web sites), the debugger must be first be uninstalled. This TechNote provides instructions for uninstalling Adobe Flash Player Debugger.

Production applications running in the debugger generally respond much more slowly than the standard Adobe Flash Player. This is because the debugger is designed to collect information for analysis during the development cycle. In a production environment, the debugger should always be replaced with the standard player. There may be other cases as well where you want to uninstall the player, for example:
1. To ensure a clean upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.
2. To test different versions of Flash player with your Flex Application.
3. To test or fix a possible failed Adobe Flash Player installation.

The debugger version of Flash Player is a tool for development and testing. Like the standard version of Adobe Flash Player 9, it runs SWF files in a browser or on the desktop in a stand-alone player. Unlike Flash Player, the debugger version of Flash Player enables you to do the following:
1. Output statements and application errors to the debugger version of the Flash Player local log file by using the trace() method.
2. Write data services log messages to the local log file of the debugger version of Flash Player.
3. View run-time errors (RTEs).
4. Use the fdb command-line debugger.
5. Use the Flex Builder debugging tool.
6. Use the Flex Builder profiling tool.

Note: Any client running the debugger version of Flash Player can view your application's trace() statements and other log messages unless you disable them. For more information

The debugger version of Flash Player lets you take advantage of the client-side logging utilities such as the trace() method and the logging API. You are not required to run the debugger version of Flash Player to log compiler and web-tier messages because these logging mechanisms do not require a player.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this web flash design software.

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