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  • Date: Apr 05, 2012
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Action Project Manager replaces the Microsoft Outlook Tasks pane with a more efficient and feature loaded task manager that allows you to create multiple tasks categories for different projects and manage them from within Outlook. You can assign priority levels, due dates, add contacts, notes and documents to a task, and conveniently review them at all times from a newly added pane below your Inbox. The program also adds a new button to the Outlook toolbar that allows you to quickly create a new tasks from any email message. Other features include sharing of task lists with other users, export of task lists, task filtering, and more.

Integrated Directly in Micrsoft Outlook
Action Project Manager is not another stand-alone application. It replaces your entire Tasks section in Outlook. When you keep Outlook open, you automatically have Action Project Manager open. Its that easy!

One-Click Task Creation
You can create Action Project Manager Tasks instantly from any email. just highlight the email and click the button on the toolbar to create the task. Instantly it's added to Action Project Manager as a new Task.

Easy Mail View
Keep your tasks in view at all times. All your tasks appear in your Email view of Outlook.

Maintain Unlimited Projects

You can create an unlimited number of projects and sub-projects in an easy to use and appealing project list. Choose from a wide variety of icons to easily identify and designate your projects.

Easy Task View
Action Project Manager has a clean and easy to use Task view where you can view all tasks or only the selected project tasks in an efficient & funcational manner. Nicely color-coded overview helps you understand what needs to get done and whats pending!

Maintain Unlimited Database Files
Action Project Manager easily lets you create unlimited database file that contain an unlimited number of projects and tasks. Keep one for personal projects and another one for work related. possibilities are endless.

Rick Text Note Editor
Full featured note keeper, where you can track any notes related to the task. Note editor allows you to keep notes as if you wrote them in Word?. You can even paste screenshots into the notes editor.

Easy Task Entering
Entering new task is quick and easy. Loaded with keyboard shortcuts, Menu bars actions, and right-click options. When you're in Action Project Manager, the Control + N key is re-mapped to "Create New Action Project Manager Task" rather than Create New Outlook Task

Keep track of percentage completed, eastimated time of completion, notes & time spent on each task.

Recurring Reminders
Setup reminders with lots of options, Settings available for Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly. Just set it to your settings and the built-in reminder will alert you when needed as per your settings.

Advanced reminders alert you of important and pending tasks. Modern Outlook style reminder dialog for ease of use.

Documents & URL Links
Keep track of Documents and URL related to a specific task. Just point to the file on your hard drive and Action Project Manager will remember the file it's linked to.

Advanced Sorting
Action Project Manager gives you the power of true column sorting. Just drag and drop the column headers to the sorting bar and all your tasks are automatically sorted according to how you work. Define your own sort view easily!

Sharing Projects and Databases
Need to send your employees your Projects Database? Maybe you need to send it to your manager...Just send it via email as an attachment. Once they receive it, they can open it up in thier Action Project Manager.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $59.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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