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  • Date: Sep 10, 2013
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AcquireNotes Download
Free Download AcquireNotes 2.51

AcquireNotes can create secure, rich text notes with tags, bookmarks, sticky notes and reminders.

Main Features:
1. Searching made easy
Searching within your project is easy. Firstly, you need to choose the Search tab. This will then give you the opportunity to search within title, article and folder names plus many other locations. In addition, you can use the standard searching criteria such as whole word and matching case. The search text you enter is saved for a future time. The list can also be cleared later via right clicking on the pane and selecting "Clear list."

2. Custom printing and reports
This is a brand new set of dialogs created solely to make the whole printing in software more streamlined. It consists of the older features that most people already know about. The features are initially included within a main dialog that acts as the preview window, as shown below. From this (on the left side is a pane) people can then select with simpler smaller dialogs to set margins, header and footers, portrait or landscape, or which printer to use. You can always see visually what settings you have chosen with the help of a small status box.

3. Improved Ribbon-styled toolbars
This tool bar is broken into groups of icons, for instance: editing - cut, copy, paste etc. This removes the initial overwhelming experience of the older-styled long thin tool bars that have become so commonplace. The grouping firstly makes you go to the right section before clicking on a button. It also helps you choose features that you may not normally select.

4. Color Themes
Colors for the main window and modify dialog can be set via the view ribbon button and then choosing Theme. This will change the color of the main screen to reds, yellows, greens, blues, system colors etc. These are preset colors that not only affect the main screen, but also the color in the modify dialog.

5. Features Fields
Feature rich environment with over 100 fields available for each note.

6. Easy navigation
Navigation is easy with various shortcuts to jump easily back and forth through your notes.

7. Password secure files
All files are password capable to keep your notes safe.

8. Folder colors
Management of the folders and content is done with ease. You can change the folder color, rename or merge the folders effortlessly.

9. Themed note books
Create themed note books based on various journal styles.

10. Alarms and Sticky notes
Set alarm pop-ups and sticky notes against your notes.

The Wizard Helper is a quick-setup dialog that helps to configure the folders and files to help you organize your data.

Shortcut Keys
* Ctrl+A: Select all (article)
* Ctrl+B: Bold (article)
* Ctrl+C: Copy contents to Clipboard
* Ctrl+D: Delete record
* Ctrl+E: Align Center (Project)
* Ctrl+E: Email report (Agenda)
* Ctrl+F: Find text
* Ctrl+H: Replace text
* Ctrl+I: Italics
* Ctrl+J: align full justify
* Ctrl+K: Insert Hyperlink
* Ctrl+L: Align Left
* Ctrl+M: Modify dialog
* Ctrl+N: Create a new record
* Ctrl+O: Open a project file
* Ctrl+P: Print record
* Ctrl+R: Redo undone action
* Ctrl+R: Print Report
* Ctrl+S: Save the project file (Project)
* Ctrl+S: Save report (Agenda)
* Ctrl+T: Indentation
* Ctrl+U: Underline
* Ctrl+V: Paste clipboard contents
* Ctrl+W: Wizard Helper
* Ctrl+X: Cut contents to Clipboard
* Ctrl+Z: Undo action

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $24.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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