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Free Download AccuTrans 3D 2015.0.0

AccuTrans 3D is a application designed to provide accurate translation of 3D geometry between the file formats used by many popular modeling programs. AccuTrans 3D provides accurate translation of 3D geometry between the file formats used by many popular modeling programs.

Positional and rotational information for the 3D meshes is maintained. Also many material attributes, such as color, index of refraction, reflection, specularity and Phong shading, are transferred between the files.

Textures and UV coordinates are supported. The program has been enhanced with additional features to make it more than just a 3D file conversion program.

Supported File 3D Files Formats:
1. 3D Metafile .3dmf
2. 3D Studio .3ds, .asc, .prj (read only)
3. AutoCAD DXF .dxf
4. CableMod .xml
5. Collada 1.4.1 .dae
6. DirectX .x (ASCII & Binary)
7. Imagine (Original & New Formats) .iob
8. Turbo Silver (Amiga) .ts
9. Kerkythea .xml
10. LightWave (LWOB and LWO2 Formats) .lwo
11. Lightscape .lp
12. Maya .ma
13. Maya .rtg
14. modo .lxo
15. NASTRAN .bdf
16. POV-Ray 3.0 .pov
17. RealiMation Version 4.1 .rbs
18. RenderWare .rwx (ASCII only)
19. Satellite Tool Kit, STK .mdl (only PolygonMesh supported)
20. Sculpt (Amiga) .scene
21. Softimage | XSI .xsi (ASCII - version 3.5)
22. StereoLithography .stl (ASCII & Binary)
23. Tecplot ASCII .dat
24. trueSpace .coa, .cob
25. VideoScape (Amiga) .geo
26. Viewpoint Scene .mtx
27. VRML 1.0 & 2.0 .wrl (ASCII only)
28. Wavefront
29. X3D
30. XGL, ZGL
31. XYZ .xyz (ASCII and Binary)

Landscape Files:
1. ArcInfo ASCII Grid .asc
2. ASCII Heights .txt
3. Binary Heights .bin
4. CDED .dem (ASCII)
5. Contour Line .dxf, .iob, .lwo, .obj
6. Contour Map .bmp, .iff (read only)
7. Latitude-Longitude Profile .dxf
8. MicroDEM .dem
9. Scenery Animator (Amiga) .land
10. USGS 1-degree .dem (ASCII)
11. USGS GTOPO30 .dem
12. USGS SRTM-1 .hgt
13. USGS SRTM-3 .hgt
14. USGS SRTM30 .dem
15. USGS STDS .ddf
16. VistaPro . dem
17. XYZ .xyz (ASCII and Binary)

Other Features:
1. When a file is read, objects with more than one material / color assigned are divided into sub objects.
2. Convert coplanar triangular faces into Quads (4 sided polygons).
3. Align surface normals for 3D Studio, LightWave, Lightscape, RenderWare and VRML.
4. Select and deselect the layers to be saved to a file.
5. Scale 3d objects when either reading or writing files.
6. Create planar, cylindrical or spherical UV texture coordinates.
7. Create bitmaps of any size, one at a time or in batch mode, to use as thumbnails.
8. Create clip map objects and save as LightWave LWO files
9. Multiple Document Interface: read and display up to 12 files with each file in its own document window.
10. Copy and paste layers from one document window to another window.
11. Polygon reduction.
12. Delete selected polygons from a mesh.
13. Divide selected polygons in a mesh into multiple triangles.
14. Move triangles from one layer to either a new layer or another existing layer.
15. Creates polygon meshes for exploded solids that have been saved to a R12 (Release 12) DXF file. Primitive solids are not supported as AutoCAD does not write primitive solids to a R12 DXF file

AccuTrans 3D reads landscapes from several different file types. Many file types use the DEM file extension but the file format is different.
1. ASCII height files.
2. Binary height files.
3. CDED DEM files.
4. Contour line files.
5. Contour map files as 256 color BMP and 32 color IFF.
6. MicroDEM DM files.
7. Scenery Animator (Amiga) files.
8. USGS 1-degree DEM files.
9. USGS GTOPO30 files.
10. USGS SRTM-1 files.
11. USGS SRTM-3 files.
12. USGS SRTM30 files.
13. USGS STDS files.
14. VistaPro files.

AccuTrans 3D displays the landscape as a 3D wireframe mesh or a 3D solid rendered surface or as a 2D contour map.

The main features of this program are:
1. Read and Write the following 3D formats: AutoCAD DXF, Imagine, Turbo Silver, LightWave, VideoScape, Sculpt (Amiga), 3D Studio, trueSpace, Wavefront, StereoLithography, VRML (versions 1 and 2), RealiMation (Version 4.1), Lightscape and RenderWare.
2. Read an M by N array of XYZ coordinates in an ASCII file and save them as a DXF polyline mesh.
3. Write only for POV-Ray 3 files.
4. Transfer DEM landscape data between Scenery Animator and VistaPro programs plus write only to the other 3D format files.
5. Read only for USGS 1-Degree DEM and USGS GTOPO30 landscapes.
6. A DEM editor so that the elevations of a landscape can be changed by painting on a 2D contour map of the landscape.
7. Convert a text string using a TrueType font to a 3D outline which can be extruded with thickness. An unlimited number of bevels can be added to the extrusion.
8. Convert an IFF or BMP file to a 3D outline which can be extruded with thickness. An unlimited number of bevels can be added to the extrusion.
9. Convert an IFF or BMP file to a DEM landscape.
10. A batch mode for converting a list of assorted 3D file formats to the same 3D file format.
11. Conversion of AutoCAD DXF files
12. Transfer some attributes such as color from one format to another.
13. 3D objects can be scaled when read or written to a file.
14. Semi-automatic orientation of surface normals so that surfaces will be visible when viewed in 3D Studio, Lightscape, LightWave, RenderWare, VideoScape and VRML.
15. Set tags, build hierarchy, set and test joints, and create a key frame based animation sequence for avatars and save as either RenderWare .rwx or trueSpace .cob files for use with the Active Worlds browser. Also save avatars as either 3D Studio .3ds files or VRML 2.0 .wrl files for use with Life Forms. Read and write SEQ files.

Conversion of AutoCAD DXF files:
1. Virtually unlimited support for DXF files except for solid body entities (ACIS and AME) and external file references.
2. Supports Release 10 and higher.
3. No restrictions placed on the technician producing the AutoCAD drawing.
4. Reads the entire DXF file including sections: HEADER, TABLES, BLOCKS and ENTITIES,
5. Unlimited number of layers are supported.
6. Select and deselect the layers to be written to the 3D object file.
7. Unlimited number of blocks are supported. Blocks can be inserted into blocks.
8. Drawings do NOT have to be exploded.
9. Any entity that can be extruded can be extruded in any direction.
10. Rotations can be in any direction.
11. Any entity defined with color will over-ride the color of the layer it is on when saved to Imagine and Sculpt.
12. Entity color is as defined in the AutoCAD manual or by the user.
13. Special DXF to DXF file transfer module to correct errors in the DXF file.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $20.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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