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  • Date: Nov 15, 2006
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Access MDE Unlocker Download
Free Download Access MDE Unlocker 3.20

Access MDE Unlocker is a program created to unlock your Access MDE files so that you can make changes such as altering/amending forms and reports. This is a brand new technique that no other company has yet managed to achieve.
Now you can make changes to your MDE file without having to rewrite the VBA code!
Access MDE Unlocker will not get back your VBA code, but instead it allows you to edit the forms, reports and macros in your database whilst leaving the original compiled VBA code still in place. Since you can make functional changes by creating macros (instead of using pieces of VBA code), this still gives you plenty of scope to make adjustments to the functionality of your application.

Access MDE Unlocker Key features:
1. Takes only a few seconds to unlock your database application
2. Unlocks forms and reports for editing
3. Allows creation of new forms and reports
4. Instead of unlocking you can optionally convert to MDB format instead which strips out the VBA code ready for re-designing
5. Supports Access 97 - 2003 file formats (v2007 will be supported by free upgrade coming soon)

With the MDE Unlocker you can make design changes to forms and reports without losing the compiled VBA code behind them. The software from other companies allow you to extract the forms/reports designs, but you are required to re-write the VBA code from scratch. If your MDE file does not make use of compiled VBA modules, then this program is functionally equivalent of the alternative software available elsewhere.

The MDE Unlocker does not give you access to the VBA code behind the forms/reports however it simply retains the functionality that is already present in them. In other words, you can make cosmetic and functional changes by using macros, whilst your application will still run the original MDE's VBA code.

1. You can't view/edit/amend any VBA modules.
2. You can't create new VBA modules (nor can you create new VBA based forms/reports)
3. Deleting controls from an Unlocked MDE can cause the VBA code to fail after re-locking. Instead, set the controls Visible property to False. If you do accidentally delete a control, you will be warned upon re-locking the file that your re-locked file may not work.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $75.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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