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  • Date: Jun 29, 2010
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New technologies and higher resolution rates allow developers to use high-detail true color alpha-blended icons when designing user interfaces. However creating vivid icons becomes an insurmountable task unless we use the right tools.

Lokas Software is proud to offer a complete icon creator toolbox - AWicons Pro! At an unbeatable price, you can purchase all the tools you need to create graphically rich icons in one package!

AWicons Pro allows searching, creating, editing and managing icons, cursors and other small imagery. The application fully supports Windows XP true color icons. AWicons Pro handles many popular file formats (such as ico, icl, cur, ani, png, gif, bmp and jpg) used to store multiple icons of various dimensions (up to 256x256 pixels) as well as all possible color modes (mono, 16, 256, true-color and true-color with alpha channel)!

AWicons Pro icon management feature allows for the scanning of various locations for images, which is very convenient when you do a lot of graphics editing. Being an icon drawing suite AWicons Pro offers popular drawing tools (pen, line, ellipse, polygon, text, colors replace, etc.) and drawing modifiers (such as anti-aliasing, multi-color gradient, transparency, etc.). You can apply various artistic effects to your icons. Among these effects are aqua, shadow, bevel emboss, contrast, blur and many others.

AWicons Pro comes with a comprehensive help system that includes drawing tips and great samples libraries. Even if you have never edited icons before you will find it easy and entertaining to learn-by-play with easy-to-use multilingual interface! A humble price and amazing functionality make this software a must have!

This icon creator toolbox allows you to create, edit and manage icons and other small imagery. It handles popular file formats used to store multiple icons of various sizes and all color modes.

1. multilingual interface
2. full Windows XP icon support
3. loading icons/cursors (ico, cur, ani)
4. loading images in many formats (png, gif, bmp, jpg)
5. saving images in many formats (png, gif, bmp, jpg)
6. editing icons in executables
7. working with icons library (icl)
8. all color formats supported (mono, 16, 256, true-color, true-color with alpha)
9. scan drives for icons, cursors and graphics
10. many drawing tools (pen, line, ellipse, polygon, text, colors replace and etc.)
11. many drawing modifiers (anti-aliasing, multi-color gradient, transparency and etc.)
12. standard effects (Contrast, Brightness, Blur, Rotate, Flip and etc.)
13. import from large image (png, gif, jpg, bmp) with filters
14. import from bitmaps resources from executables (exe, dll and etc.)
15. additionals effects (Shadow, Hue, Saturation, 3D Shadow, Colorize, Sharpen and etc.)
16. additionals artistics effects (Aqua, Smart blur, Posterize)
17. rebuild Windows icon cache for update desktop and Start menu
18. all sizes up to 32x32 supported
19. all sizes up to 128x128 supported
20. all sizes up to 256x256 supported
21. plug-in that allow to export image with transparency directly from Adobe Photoshop into AWicons
22. editing pictures containing image list, which use for creating various controls (toolbars, trees, tabs etc.)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this icon software.

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