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AVGPREP Download
Free Download AVGPREP Build 701

AVGPREP is a program for computer configuration cloning support. AVGPREP is a program intended primarily for administrators of large networks who may need to clone the computer's preset configuration to many PCs at once. This can be performed with use of the Sysprep tool.

The AVG license number is restricted to one computer only. During cloning the saved license data saved is devalued, and the AVG on the target stations reports the license number to be invalid.

To avoid this problem use the AVGPREP program. Before you start cloning the default configuration of the source computer with the help of Sysprep, it is necessary to use the AVGPREP program that creates a temporary avgprep.dat file, and with its use secures the automatic license correction on the target stations.

The Process of Cloning:
If you want to clone the configuration of a computer to more PCs without re-registering every AVG installation on the target stations, follow these steps:
Step 1. Setting the default AVG configuration
Set the complete configuration intended for cloning on the source computer. The target stations will be installed with exactly the same settings, and the AVG license number used for the source station installation will be copied to all target stations!

Step 2: Using the AVGPREP program
To launch AVGPREP use the program's executable file. You can launch it either directly with the specific parameter (the last four characters of the license number) or in the interactive mode where you will be invited to specify the last four characters of the license number. Program will close automatically.
Run the AVGPREP program to create the avgprep.dat temporary file into the %allusersprofile%\Avg8 directory. The AVGPREP program functionality is conditioned by the AVG installation (with the valid license number) on the source computer.
To avoid the AVGPREP program misapplying, it is necessary to enter the last four characters of the current license number (or the complete license number) to be able to create the avgprep.dat file. The generated file is then used in fully automatic mode, and the administrator does not have to deal with it any more.

Step 3: Using the Sysprep Tool
With the help of Sysprep (or an alternative tool) create the source computer image (image of your disk), and clone its configuration to the target stations. Once the image is cloned to the target computers, the ProductId changes, and the AVG licenses will be automatically corrected using the avgprep.dat file, and the file itself will be removed.


The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this antivirus software.

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