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  • Date: Jun 08, 2010
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    Image Utility
ASCII Paint Download
Free Download ASCII Paint 0.3

Yet another painting program. ASCII-Paint is a simple, open source painting program which uses ASCII characters instead of pixels to draw images. It was made to help rogue-like developers, though it can be used by anyone.

ASCII Paint Features:
1. GUI based interface with tooltips
2. Keyboard shortcuts
3. Slider/text based color chooser
4. Fullscreen color chooser
5. Symbol chooser
6. Fullscreen support
7. Hiding/Unhiding GUI (pressing TAB)
8. Move mouse with keyboard (arrows and num pad)
9. Image and solid view modes

1. Arbitrary sized canvases
2. Draw single cells, lines, rectangles, ovals and text
3. Holding shift draws straight lines/squares/ovals
4. Flood filling
5. Color picker
6. Undo/redo
7. Primary and secondary brushes

Roguelike Tools:
1. Cells can be solid
2. Field of view tool
3. 4 FOV algorithms
4. Path finding tool

File handling:
1. Opening and saving .asc files
2. Opening and saving compressed files (files ending with a z)
3. Importing text, foreground and background colors
4. Exporting .png, .bmp, text, foreground and background colors

Configurable options (ascii-paint.cfg)
1. Window size
2. Full screen
3. Window Background color
4. FPS (frames per second)
5. Font
6. Canvas Size
7. Initial brush properties
8. GUI colors

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this image utility software.

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