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The AMD Fusion for Gaming utility is designed to shut down certain processes, reduce CPU load, and increase available RAM to free these resources up for other, more immediate purposes, and then has the ability to restore the system to its initial start-up state later.

A gaming utility as part of their "The Future is Fusion" campaign. Through the campaign, AMD aims to re-brand their hardware technologies -- microprocessors and graphics both. To the consumers, AMD will detail the solutions derived from AMD products to optimize the performance of the computing systems: essentially a collaborative campaign run by AMD and their technology and product partners

The shut-down process can be done with the click of a button. If the AMD OverDrive software and ATI Catalyst software utilities are installed on the machine, they can also be activated simultaneously by the AMD Fusion for Gaming utility application. Activating a selected profile will automatically search out and close all services and programs listed in the profile that are running at the time of activation. It also starts any CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics processing unit) tuning options selected.

Fusion also reflects AMD's upcoming Fusion microarchitecture that combines AMD's x86 CPU capabilities with Radeon GPUs to offer a hybrid solution. The AMD Fusion for Games software released, is in beta stage and currently works for Windows Vista (32-bit only), future versions will offer greater platform support, including Windows XP. It offers three gaming profiles -- Advanced, Basic and Expert. One can choose and edit one of the three profiles or create an entirely new profile.

Depending on how the profile is configured, the processes shut down may include certain security and virus protecion software that may leave your computer system exposed to viruses, worms, and other harmful software. Thus, it is important to be cautious while operating in this state. Stopping an active profile or exiting the application returns the system to its start-up state.

Profiles targeting specific processes for automatic shut down can be created quickly, with system processes and hardware acceleration designated for handling displayed as a list of user-selectable options. These profiles can be started and stopped with a single click.

When a profile starts, the amount of RAM and CPU power used by system processes decreases, freeing more for specific purposes such as gaming. A message with the option to save appears for active applications that implement an automatic saving prior to exit. Processes shut down during a run can be selected by the user.

Close requests are sent to each process selected for closure within the profile, and if any process takes more than five seconds to respond, a hard kill command is sent to help ensure its closure. Software for tuning the processor(s), such as the ATI Catalyst and AMD OverDrive utilities, can also be activated if the user has previously installed and configured them. Stopping a profile returns the system to its start-up configuration.

Get the AMD Fusion for Gaming utility and test it to see what it can do for you!

Fusion basically shuts down 70 or more background processes which hog the CPU and memory on typical computing system. This can be enabled by simple on-off feature that talks with the CPU and GPU on the system. The application also packs new feature such as AMD Boost and AMD overdrive. However this application works only on a system that has both carrying the processor and graphic card AMD branded; there is no cross-platform compatibility. As it stands, the utility is little more than a simple tweak; nothing special.

The campaign has more of re-branding and promotional feel than something truly evolutionary. If AMD were looking to evolve and offer new technology then their hardware as well as their software needs to be universally compatible; across platforms.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this cpu benchmark software.

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