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  • Version: 1.7
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  • Date: May 14, 2007
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    Wallpaper Tool
ABs Wallpaper Tray Download
Free Download ABs Wallpaper Tray 1.7

ABs wallpaper tray is a desktop wallpaper manager, it will manage your collection of wallpapers or will get you a new wallpaper from the internet right to your desktop everyday.

This program will manage and automatically change your desktop wallpaper at predetermined intervals and on windows startup. The program starts with windows and places an icon in the notification area allowing you to access the program easily, the program can get wallpapers from a predefined list of files, and folders or it can download pictures from categories of your choice directly to your desktop. a watermark can be applied to the wallpaper, the watermark may include a customized text phrase and the filename of the picture. Color corrections can be applied to pictures when putting them as wallpapers; you can adjust gamma, brightness or the red, green and blue colors of the picture, you can add a customizable analogue clock and a calendar to your desktop, and you can assign hotkeys for common functions of the program.

1. Change your desktop wallpaper at predetermined intervals.
2. Start with windows and change your desktop wallpaper on windows startup.
3. Give you fast access to the program and its features through an icon in the windows tray.
4. Position your wallpaper in the center of your screen, stretch it or scale it to fit the screen without changing the aspect ratio of the picture.
5. Get wallpapers from three places:
* Local files list: you can drag and drop files from windows explorer to build your list of favorite wallpapers.
* Local folders list: if you have a large number of wallpapers you can point to the folders that contain your pictures and the program will keep track of your favorite pictures and will use them as wallpapers.
* Internet categories: if you don't have any interesting wallpapers on your computer and if you are connected to the internet, don't worry, all you have to do is select what kind of wallpapers you like (i.e. nature, flowers, cars, sports etc) and the program will take care of the rest.
6. Watermark your wallpaper with a customized text phrase of your choice or/and a variable value like the filename of the picture and the date.
7. Apply color correction to the pictures before putting them as wallpapers, the color correction include Gamma correction, Brightness, RGB colors amounts and color inversion.
8. Display an analogue clock on your desktop, this clock is completely customizable, and can be set to be always on top of all the other windows.
9. Display a calendar of the current month, the calendar is customizable, and can be set to be always on top of all the other windows.
10. The clock and the calendar are displayed in a way that won't disturb you while you work and will not take space from your desktop.
11. Assign hotkeys for :
* Changing the desktop wallpaper.
* Clearing the desktop wallpaper.
* Enabling/Disabling automatic wallpaper changing.
* Opening the settings window.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this wallpaper tool software.

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