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7tools Partition Manager Download
Free Download 7tools Partition Manager 2009

7tools Partition Manager is a comprehensive hard disk management and optimization solution for your PC and laptop. Now is Vista Compatible!
You don't have to be a disk partitioning guru to customize your hard disk. Partition Manager shows your current hard disks and partitions layout so you can easily change partition structure with help of 1-2-3 wizards. Prepare new hard disk for OS installation, resize your system partition, change partition parameters or perform professional hard disk defragmentation. Even the most complicated partitioning tasks will be accomplished fast and.

Learn more about Key Features and Benefits:
* Create and format partitions for your operating systems and data, get ready for new OS installation and improve your data organization. Create individual partitions for your valuable data and backup files, so they will be easy recoverable in case of operating system malfunction.
* Resize partitions with data to redistribute free space. You can easily expand system partition, using hard disk's free space or shrinking other partitions. Redistribute Free Space wizard automatically recalculates the positions of the partitions and moves their contents to new locations.
* Merge partitions with data to consolidate the disk space, which originally belongs to two adjacent partitions, into a single, larger partition.
* Copy partition/hard disk to clone sample partitions or for making backup copies of working partitions. Partition Manager allows copying partitions only to blocks of free space.
* Change partition parameters: hide/unhide partition, convert file system without destroying data (e.g. FAT to NTFS), change cluster size, change partition ID, etc.
* Remove partition wizard deletes references to the partition from the Partition Table, so that the information from the deleted partition becomes inaccessible. The resulted disk space can be used to create new partitions.
* Defragmenter is to increase your system's performance and prevent quick hard drive wear-out. Our defragmenter provides you with powerful low-level defragmentation of FAT and NTFS partitions including critical system files and Master File Table defragmentation.
* Powerful Recovery Media allows you to use Partition Manager even in case of unbootable system (new hard disk partitioning, change partition parameters to make system bootable, etc.).

Basic Hard Disk Partitioning Features
* Create, format and delete partitions
* Undelete hard disk partition
* Hide/unhide partition, set partition active/inactive
* Set, change or remove drive letter
* Change hard disk partition Label (Volume Label)
* Convert file systems
- FAT16 to FAT32 and vice versa
- FAT16/32 to NTFS and vice versa
- Ext2 FS to Ext3 FS and vice versa
* Check File System Integrity
* Complete surface test

Copy Features:
* Copy Hard Disk
* Copy Partition
* Incremental Copy
* Copy with resize

Boot Management Features:
* Multi-boot environment
* Easy activation/deactivation
* Hidden mode
* Default settings and boot on timeout

Advanced Hard Disk Partitioning Features:
* Resize hard disk partitions
* Hot Resize - enlarge NTFS partition without rebooting Windows
* Merge hard disk partitions (including different file systems)
* Redistribute Free Space
* Convert Primary hard disk partition to Logical and vice versa
* Update MBR (Master Boot Record)
* Change Cluster Size
* Change Boot Size (FAT16/FAT32) and Root Size (FAT16)
* Downgrade NTFS version
* Change Primary Slots
* Change Partition ID
* Defragment Partition
* Defragment MFT
* Compact MFT
* Boot Corrector
* Correct 'boot.ini' and BCD files

Ease of use:
* Volume Explorer - browse partitions without drive letter, edit or copy files and folders
* Partition List
* Disk Map
* Shutdown on complete
* Virtual pre-execution of operations with Undo function - view the result before changes have been applied
* Send Log Files
* Power Shield technology - resumes critical partitioning operations after power failure
* Unique wizard-driven interface in XP style:
- Create Partition Wizard
- Format Partition Wizard
- Delete Partition Wizard
- Copy Hard Disk Wizard
- Copy Partition Wizard
- Partition Merge Wizard
- Redistribute Free Space Wizard
- Partition Undelete Wizard
- Boot Manager Setup Wizard
- Recovery Media Builder Wizard
- File Transfer Wizard

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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