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3D Visioner is an add-on for Microsoft Visio 2002/2003 that brings the third dimension to your two dimensional Visio drawings with dramatic 3D visualization and editing capabilities. 3D Visioner displays an entire project in a single 3D scene, including all pages, Visio shapes, connectors, hyperlinks, and inter-page links. These 3D models will improve your ability to communicate your designs, proposals, and ideas more effectively.

3D Visioner will help you exploit the power of 3D images with a minimum of effort. It requires no special system configuration, knowledge, or hardware. All actions in the Visio drawing will be automatically synchronized with the 3D View. A mouse provides most of the input you will need. 3D software will significantly improve your Visio experience with navigation tools that display the relationships between Visio pages in a single view. You can also easily rotate and scale your 3D view through simple mouse actions. Finally, you can save your 3D Visio project models and share it with others using the FREE Wise 3D Viewer.

3D Visioner fully supports most popular Visio stencils, such as Building Plan, Network, etc. You can create 3D representations of your home, office, network topology or mix them in 3D View. For example, you can create the plan of your office and get its layout in 3D, then design the network topology of the office and extrude this all into the 3D view at one click. 3D visualization will be done automatically by our 3D software.

Network visualization differs from Building plan visualization, this is why we say "3D Visioner supports some stencil". Even if your project is created using some other stencil, 3D Visioner will display all diagrams, shapes and links in the 3D View.

3D Visioner Features:
1. Full integration with Microsoft Visio using the familiar "anchor window" that can be moved, resized, and docked as required.
2. Surprisingly fast 3D engine with software rendering that does not require special display hardware.
3. Extrude 2D Visio shapes into 3D models.
4. Support for Visio's Building Plan and Network stencils.
Note: additional stencil support will be available in the future.
* Using Network visualization you can see the entire topology of your network in one 3D window, including all links, sites and nodes.
* Animation shows which other nodes are connected to the selected node.
5. Easily zoom, rotate and pan.
6. Easy navigation
* Navigation is enhanced in 3D because you can rotate, pan and scale the entire project including all its pages and objects at the same time.
* When you select an object in 3D, it immediately becomes selected in Microsoft Visio project.
7. Create Hyperlinks between pages with less effort.
8. Enhanced 3D models with visual themes, shadows and reflections.
9. Define angularity and curvature of the links and vertical distance between pages by rotating your mouse wheel.
10. 3D Visioner automatically adds a set of custom 3D properties to each shape in your 2D Visio drawing to define individual 3D representation for each shape.
11. Export to all popular graphics formats.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR69.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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