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  • Date: Sep 25, 2012
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Free Download 3D Live Darts 1.09

3D Live Darts is developed for Dart fans. You can compete with real players all over the world or watch other games in progress. Play in the practice mode if you want to play with the computer. The ELO rating system is introduced in this game. You'll get rate points just as professional dart players do in real world. Prized dart tournament is held every day. It features polished 3D graphics and realistic sound effect.

1.Click left button first to show the aim circle.
2.When the aim circle becomes smallest, press left button and hold. When the aim circle becomes smallest again, release the button to throw the dart. Smaller the aim circle you make, the more accurately you'll shoot.
3.Right click mouse if you want to cancel the selected aim circle.

Rules for 501 dart (301 dart is similar)

The red circle in the middle, made of hard wood, is called bulls eye and worth 50 points. It counts as a double.
The four green fields surround bulls eye are worth 25 points.
The numbers 1 through 20 placed around the board are nominal values for darts hitting the respective fields or sectors.
The two larger fields of a sector (green for the 20 sector) are worth their nominal value as denoted by the number ring rounding the board.
The outer thin ring closest to the actual numbers are doubles, and worth double the nominal value of their sector.
The inner thin ring is worth three times the nominal score, so the highest possible score on a single dart would be triple 20 (the small red field halfway between the number 20 and bullseye) that is worth 60 points.
The black area outside the double ring is considered off the board and scores 0.
Score keeping
All players begin with 501 points, and the aim of the game is to reach zero as fast as possible.
The sum of one round of up to three darts will be withdrawn from the remaining score. That is, you do not have to throw all arts in a round, though normally you will do it unless you reach zero and thereby finish the game. [In real life, only darts that are still on the board when all darts have been thrown counts.
The first player to reach an even score between 2 and 50 inclusive and then scores a double to reach exactly zero points is the winner. (Unless someone else did that earlier.)
Players getting a negative score or reaching exactly one point will lose all points scored in that round and the game will continue with the next player. The same goes for a player reaching zero without scoring a double with the last dart.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this sports game software.

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