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  • Date: Jun 24, 2010
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    Photo Album
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3D virtual environment for your pictures. 3D image galerie is a program where your can view your pictures in a nice environment. You can add the pictures of your last holiday for example. After adding them, you can walk through a room with the pictures on the walls.

The galerie is devided into 5 parts. Each part can have up to 53 pictures. 3D Image galerie uses OpenGL to create a nice, virtual environment for your pictures.

3D Image Gallery Features:
1. Viewing your pictures in a galerie is maybe more exiting than viewing them in "simple 2D"
2. You can move freely in the galerie
3. Nice environment with different walls, reflecting floor, bump mapping, water, wall effects, ambient background music, ...
4. Advanced render modes for having lots of fun (drunken camera, disco mode)
5. Video support! You can add .avi - files to the galerie and watch them (this feature requires a very fast machine ...)
6. Interactive or automatic galerie mode? It's your choice. Eather you can walk through the galerie for yourself or you let the program do this for you
7. integrated map (you don't want to get lost in the virtual 3D-world, do you? )
8. You can add comments to every picture (not realized in the creator yet)
9. Random picture placement: every picture gets a new frame each time you load a galerie (in mathematical/statistic words: you'll need 4.27*1069 runs to see the same picture consterlation again)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this photo album software.

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