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3D Calculator Download
Free Download 3D Calculator 1.0

3D Calculator is intended to be used in computing, plotting functions and programming.

Computing (All Editions)
Enter your expression into the editor then press F9 key to see the computed result in the Result Display. The following example uses two variables (R1 and R2) to store frequently used values.

Plotting Functions (Professional & Advanced Editions)
Enter your function into the editor then press F9 Key to start computing the resulting graph after specifying function parameter(s) range limits in Range Limits dialog box. In the following example a default function parameters range limits are specified directly in the Editor.

Computing (All Editions)
1. unlimited number of variable definitions.
2. All calculations are made in extended real number format (19 to 20 significant digits).
3. You are not limited by the size or the complexity of your arithmetic expressions.
4. Matrix operations are supported and seamlessly integrated.
5. There is no limit for the size of your matrices.
6. Many scientific functions semantic are extended in order to be applied efficiently on matrices.

Plotting functions (Professional and Advanced Editions)
1. Support OpenGL graphics system.
2. Plot simultaneously unlimited number of functions.
3. Support 2D/3D drawing including curves and surfaces.
4. You can plot your function using rectangular, cylindrical, polar or spherical coordinates system.
5. parametric functions are supported in all coordinates systems.
6. Color dimension is also supported in 2D/3D drawing.
7. All coordinates systems components and color components (Red, Green and Blue) can be animated by specifying an animation parameter.
8. You can export your graphics and animations in different file format, including jpeg and avi

Programming (Advanced Edition)
1. Integrate a high level programming language.
2. Include all features described in the "Computing" section.
3. You can write and run your own programs under the same environment.
4. You are not limited by the size or the amount of data needed by your program.
5. System requirements

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49, you can free download and get a free trial.

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