1DCutX (Length Cutting Optimization for Excel)

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1DCutX (Length Cutting Optimization for Excel) Download
Free Download 1DCutX (Length Cutting Optimization for Excel) 5.0.0

1DCutX (Length Cutting Optimization for Excel) is a length cutting optimization add-in for Microsoft Excel that can cut linear stocks. It is a software extension (so-called "add-in") for the Microsoft Excel. When 1DCutX gets installed it automatically integrates into the Excel menu (Excel 2003) or the ribbon elements (Excel 2007 and higher versions). The main purpose of 1DCutX is to find how to cut linear (1D) stocks (bars, pipes, beams, wires, etc.) in order to minimize the material waste and the production costs without leaving Microsoft Excel.

It reads the spreadsheets, performs the optimization and generates the detailed report and the graphical layouts instantly within the same workbook. Any production or building company or even an individual handyman faces the common-known problem of cutting big linear stocks by smaller pieces.
Microsoft Excel can keep track of the inventory of such stock and pieces, but it cannot figure out how to cut them. 1DCutX provides such functionality and turns Excel into powerful cutting optimization tool suitable for anyone who knows how to work with the spreadsheets.

1DCutX Features:
1. No need to find, study and use any additional software. The user works with Microsoft Excel that now provides an additional functionality coming from the small add-in.
2. No mess with import/export/save/load any extra files - everything is stored within a workbook and it practically eliminates any errors due to incorrect import/export.
3. Simplicity and flexibility. The user can specify different information and get different scenarios of the optimizations. For example, if the stock quantity is not specified then 1DCutX assumes unlimited supply, otherwise it uses only specified amount of stocks.
4. Saw kerf (thickness) support. Cutting produces the gap between parts that shrinks the result part sizes by a saw thickness.
5. Control cut-offs (waste parts) size. Some cutting machines are unable to make a cut on tiny pieces, because of the technical restriction, like cutting several millimetres from the wood beam.
6. Incomplete optimization. In some cases the supply of the stocks is limited and all parts cannot be cut from them

If you use Microsoft Excel to keep tracks of your supplier's orders then you probably have a spreadsheet that has all stocks as a table with the pipe identification, the sizes and the prices (as shown on the right picture). The table may have vertical (as shown) or horizontal orientation, but the basic idea is still the same - the table lists the stocks you use in your production cycle.

1DCutX can use the stock table in any format and you don't need to alter it. In addition to the stock table you need one more table that lists all parts you need to cut from the stocks. This table can have the layout shown on the left picture or you can use your own design. The main purpose of the parts table is to list all parts along with their identifications (if any), the sizes and the quantities.

Once you have the stocks and parts table ready you can to invoke 1DCutX dialog and select the range of cells containing stocks and parts information. After that you can press "Run" button and get the optimized layouts that show how to cut the parts, which stocks and how many to order and the cut-offs (if any) length for each cutting layout.

Each layout is located on a separated spreadsheet with names "1D_n" (n identifies the number of the layout). 1DCutX also creates an additional spreadsheet "1D_report" that provides the result table and the summary info about the length cutting optimization. After the optimization is done you can print out the layouts and bring them to your workshop for cutting the stocks.

* Microsoft Excel 2003 and higher
* 15 days trial period.
* Maximum 2 (two) sizes of linear stocks.
* Maximum 5 (five) sizes of linear parts.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $69.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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