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Do you tired of memorizing a lot of passwords of your all kinds of applications or accounts? We usually forget or make wrong with some passwords that are very important for us. Write down them on a paper or record them in a file on our computer is not a safe way. Is there a handy and safe way to save and manage our passwords? Don't worry about it? Here I will recommend a popular and excellent password management utility to you. That is 1-Click SignupShield Suite, which came from Protecteer, LLC. Following are the detailed introductions of this powerful password manager.

1-Click SignupShield Suite is a unique password manager and form filler, that allows us to fill login information and web forms (name, address, billing etc.) with the click of a button. We can store our favorite logins, as well as name and address information and fill most online forms with the click of a button. Whenever we login to a site that has not been set up for auto-login, the program automatically offers us to save the new form for faster login in the future. 1-Click SignupShield Suite is more than a password manager. It can be extended with matching, closely integrated, set of software tools. Together they provide for enhanced security, privacy and productivity. Following are many key features and benefits of this secure password manager, including:

1-Click SignupShield Suite makes our secrets portable and private. With 1-Click SignupShield Suite installed on any portable drive (like U3) we can take our secrets, fully encrypted, with us. With 1-Click SignupShield Suite portable we can use our login information at home, at the office, or wherever we travel, on any PC.

Did you try other password managers only to find out they fail miserably when challenged by a more demanding login process? This is generally true with banking websites, employing multi-step sign-in processes. We are asked for an account name in step 1, an ever changing security question in step 2 and finally a password in step 3. 1-Click SignupShield Suite is the only password manager that can tackle those complex login requirements, both during capture and auto-fill.

With 1-Click SignupShield Suite, we no longer have to worry about fraudulent emails that try to impersonate our bank or other financial websites, by looking almost identical to the original site. 1-Click SignupShield Suite does not care about how the page looks. It runs checks behind the scenes, filling in passwords only to URLs it recognizes. Furthermore, it can alert us when the data we fill-in is about to be sent to a suspicious website.

Have you ever been concerned about typing a password on a computer which you did not trust? After all, a hostile key logging program could intercept our typing and capture our password. With 1-Click SignupShield Suite, we can now fill-in our passwords to login forms without typing a single character. Even the master password of 1-Click SignupShield Suite is protected from key loggers.

Have you used the same password for more than a single account? Have you written down all you passwords on a paper or electronic document? This is a big no-no. Not any more. With 1-Click SignupShield Suite we only need to memorize one master password, 1-Click SignupShield Suite will memorize all other passwords, so that we will not need to resort to writing them down or using the same password for all accounts.

How often did you grapple with creating of unique, long and complex passwords that satisfy the requirements of financial institutions? Not any more. With a built-in password generator, 1-Click SignupShield Suite's auto-signup tool, will create (and auto-fill) those complex and long passwords for us, when we sign-up to a new account, or, when we have to change an existing password.

Do you share a computer with others? Are you worried about a technician having access to your secrets, stored on your hard drive? With 1-Click SignupShield Suite those worries are over. All our secrets (passwords, credit cards and other personal data) can be stored within encrypted files protected by a single master password know only to us. 1-Click SignupShield Suite will automatically make use of our stored online passwords when we need them, only after we login to 1-Click SignupShield Suite.

While other password managers capture and fill login forms, 1-Click SignupShield Suite goes one step further. It recognizes password change forms. It can fill in an old password and generate, fill and capture a new password and all with 1-click.

Do you find yourself entering the same information, over and over again, into long online forms? With 1-Click SignupShield Suite we can do all this with just a single click. Any data, any form. Do you have multiple addresses (contact, billing, shipping)? Do not worry, 1-Click SignupShield Suite is smart. Unlike other form fillers, it can recognize the context of a form and fill it out correctly.

How many times did you hesitate before signing up t a new website? Was it because you were worried about abuse of your email address? Not anymore. When signing up to a website, 1-Click SignupShield Suite can automatically create a one off, alias email address, and fill it into the sign-up form. This patented technology allows us to stop spam, sent by misbehaving websites at any time.

In addition, 1-Click SignupShield Suite provides a 30-days free trial for us. It is a standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. 1-Click SignupShield Suite does not contain any adware or spyware. It works with most recent variants of Windows and its current version is 5.1. The price of the registration version is only $34.95 and we can get update and upgrade free. Do you have too many passwords to remember? Are pieces of paper that you used to write down your important account information lost? Do you want to find this information quickly? 1-Click SignupShield Suite keeps track of all our passwords - no problems, no worries. Why are you still reading? Download the free trial now and experience what powerful and effective it is at once!

1-Click SignupShield Suite is a password manager and form filler, that allows you to fill login information and web forms (name, address, billing etc.) with the click of a button. You can store your favorite logins, as well as name and address information and fill most online forms with the click of a button. Whenever you login to a site that has not been set up for auto-login, the program automatically offers you to save the new form for faster login in the future. Other features includes fraud alert to detect phishing scams and disposable email addresses to keep your real email address private when filling it into a form.

Suite of Tools:

* Smart Password Manager
Smart Password Manager See SignupShield Passwords for details.
* 1-Click Sign-in
With a single click it selects a site from your list of saved passwords, browses to the site, fills out a sign-in form on that site and submits that form.
* Auto Sign-up
Automates the filling out of sign-up forms with login credentials. It generates and auto fills pseudo random passwords, login names and even email addresses (See Disposable Email Address tool below)
* Form Filler & Wallet
Fills out most web forms with one click. It recognizes form context using artificial intelligence methods. For example: differentiating between billing address and shipping address fields.
* Fraud Alert
Monitors form submissions and alerts you when you are about to submit sensitive information to a suspicious website. This patent pending 'Anti-Phishing' tool leverages passwords saved by you, in addition to target site analysis and periodically updated white & black lists.
* Disposable Email Address
This patent pending tool provides for shielding email addresses entered into sign-up forms (and other forms) from spam. It automatically creates 'disposable email addresses' to be entered into sign-up forms. Then, it forwards emails, sent by websites to such disposable addresses, to your real inbox. You can filter out emails sent to specific addresses and stop undesirable spam.

Here is what you can do with SignupShield's smart tools:
Go to a site and sign-in with one click. SignupShield keeps a list of sites you have sign-in to in the past.
Using Password Manager, SignupShield keeps track of accounts, user names, emails and passwords you actually use to sign-in to various sites (only if you want it to).
The old way to sign-in to a web site is: entering an address into your browser, waiting for the sign-in (login) form to show up, filling out the user name and password and then clicking on a submit button.
Now , with SignupShield's 1-Click Sign-in, you simply select an account from a list and click it.

Detect Phishing Expeditions (Fraud Alert) When you are about to submit a form containing sensitive personal information to a web site, SignupShield will check out the target web site and alert you if it finds that site to be suspicious.
Spam-proof your email address When you sign-up to a new Web site, SignupShield can provide you with a unique, disposable, email address to be entered into the sign-up form. With one click, the built-in Form Filler will fill it in for you.
In fact, SignupShield automatically creates a Disposable Email Address, for you each time you need a unique email address. Now, that you have, a large number of email addresses at your disposal, You can block undesirable emails from reaching you by disabling a particular Disposable Email Address.

Shield your passwords and user names When you sign-up to a new Web site, the Auto Sign-up tool can provide you with unique Password and User Name to be entered into the sign-up form. Of course, you can use the smart Form Filler to automatically fill it in for you.
These Passwords and User Names are unique to each site, thus blocking rogue sites from stealing your identity.
Additional and important benefit is that the passwords created by Sign-up Wizard are difficult to guess passwords - a random combination of letters and numbers. see But, you do not have to remeber them, see Password Manager below for more details.

Fill out forms with one or even zero clicks With a built in Form Filler, SignupShield can help you fill out a complete Web form with one mouse click.
You enter your personal information once to SignupShield. Then, when a form is presented from within your browser, SignupShield will pop-up and offer to fill it out for you. You can setup SignupShield to fill a form automatically as it shows up - no questions asked!
You may fill a group of forms, a single form or a single field.
Form Filler lets you enter multiple addresses (contact, billing, shipping) and multiple payment methods (multiple credit cards, checks etc..)

Have multiple "personalities" If you are actively using the Internet, no doubt you would want to enter different information to different Web sites. With SignupShield you can define multiple Profiles, each representing a different intended use of the information and each having a complete set of Sign-up, Address and Payment data.
(for example: "official", "just looking" etc..)
This is YOUR data Information you enter, is saved by SignupShield on your computer or on your USB drive in an encrypted Personal Data File. This file's encryption is protected by your own Master Password, known only to you. Thus, you need to remember only one password for all your access needs!
If you use more than one computer, you will be delighted to learn that you can now take your Personal Data File with you and use it on any computer where you install SignupShield.
When you have a valid SignupShield license, you are allowed to install the product on as many computers as you want, provided that all installations start from your account on our Web site.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $34.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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